Biden Opens Schools For Illegals But Not Americans

( As President Joe Biden kowtows to left-wing teachers’ unions refusing to send teachers back to work, illegal immigrant children in migrant children detention centers are reportedly providing free educational services.

The migrant detention centers, which the Democrats called “concentration camps” during the Trump presidency but which President Biden has introduced more of within the first month of his presidency, are giving non-citizen children access to educational services that many American children still don’t have access to.

White House Press Secretary struggled to justify the hypocrisy when asked about the issue this week, simply stating that the measures were humane.

“What is happening now is there are children fleeing prosecution, fleeing threats in their own countries, traveling on their own, unaccompanied to the border,” she said.

“And our focus is on approaching this from the view of humanity and with safety in mind,” she added.

If giving illegal immigrant children free education is humane, then by her logic, isn’t denying education to American children…inhumane?

Psaki’s response didn’t acknowledge that many children are smuggled into the United States by coyotes and human traffickers, which is one of the reasons why the migrant detention centers separate children in the first place. Once separated, border officials are able to keep the children safe while the adults who traveled with them are determined to be their legitimate guardians or parents.

Psaki also attempted to defend the recent opening of a new HHS facility, the kind which Democrats called “cages” under the Trump administration, saying it was simply an effort to ensure children could practice social distancing.

Since capitulating to teachers unions and not backing parents on the importance of sending children back to the classroom, President Joe Biden has called on every state to vaccinate all teachers by the end of March to ensure that teachers can no longer say they fear infection at schools…even though medical professionals have known since the beginning of the pandemic that children are not good carriers of the virus.

Far-left media outlet CNN was also called out this week for shifting dramatically on their coverage of the reopening of schools.

On February 28, CNN published an article outlining the difficulties that President Biden is facing on reopening schools, but in September, CNN was using snarky comments on social media to attack President Trump.

Drew Holden noted the substantial difference in reporting in the tweet above.

While American children still don’t know when they will be able to return to school and get a proper education, illegal aliens are still in so-called “concentration camps” – which are now “detention facilities” – and being granted privileges that Americans kids don’t have.

…and CNN doesn’t have anything to say about it.