Biden In Secret Talks With Israel Discussing Iran

( President Joe Biden hasn’t had very much luck with the Iran situation so far, having already caved to pressure from the terrorist-supporting nation by promising to reinstate the failed 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal.

Even though Iran repeatedly broke the conditions of the deal, prompting former President Donald Trump to rescind it.

Now, new reports suggest that the new president is looking to Israel for help on the situation, with top Israel and U.S. national security officials reportedly meeting on Thursday via a secure video conference to begin a new round of talks on Iran and other regional issues.

It follows a very public disagreement between President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on how to deal with the nation. Netanyahu first insisted that he would do everything he could to stop the Iran Nuclear Deal from being reinstated, though in recent days, Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, an ally of Netanyahu, said that any deal would need to be “dramatically improved.”

Steinitz urged President Joe Biden to place “enormous pressure” on Iran to change its antagonistic behavior towards the West and Israel.

“All countries in the Middle East see eye to eye that this is a devastating threat that should be prevented in advance,” Steinitz said during the CERAWeek by HIS Markit online conference.

The first virtual conference of the U.S.-Israel Strategic Consultative Group was led by Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Israeli national security official Meir Ben-Shabbat. It marks the first step in engaging Israel in the U.S. federal government’s failed efforts to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.

Emily Horne, a spokeswoman from the National Security Council, released a statement revealing that the “two sides shared perspectives on regional security issues of mutual interest and concern, including Iran, and expressed their common determination to confront the challenges and threats facing the region.”

That sounds an awful lot like a spin on a meeting that was packed full of disagreement…

Israel offered no immediate comment on Thursday’s discussion.

Make of that what you will.

Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, told Congress recently that the White House believes the U.S. needs to be “engaged” with Israel because “it affects them on the takeoff, not on the landing.”

Iran remains insistent that the only way to re-enter the 2016 Iran Nuclear Deal with the United States is for economic sanctions placed on the nation by President Donald Trump to first be lifted – and Biden has yet to rule out that possibility.