Bernie Sanders Considering CABINET Position Under Possible Biden Administration

( Far-left socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is reportedly considering taking a cabinet position under a possible Joe Biden administration, should the Democrats win the November presidential election.

Sanders, who went after Biden heavily during the primary debates for putting Medicare, Medicare, and Social Security at risk, could potentially join an administration that also includes Never Trump Republicans if recent reports are to be believed.

Politico reported on the Sanders story and cited “two people familiar with the conversations” and claimed that Sanders has expressed interest in heading up the Department of Labor. It would put the socialist Vermont Senator in charge of the labor laws of the United States, suggesting an increased influence of unions if he got his way.

Politico also cited a person “familiar with the process” that Sanders has already begun reaching out to members of the Biden transition team, who would oversee a possible transition from the Trump administration.

“I can confirm he’s trying to figure out how to land that role or something like it,” the sources told Politico. “He, personally, does have an interest in it.”

Sanders declined to offer comment on the story to Politico, and didn’t deny that he was lobby for a position under an administration that he would not consider left-wing enough.

Biden and Sanders, despite being very different in outlook, have already worked together on the Biden-Sanders Manifesto. The joint document was revealed in August 2020, and saw Joe Biden accept far-left policies that he would never have dreamed of promoting during his days under the Obama administration or as a senator.

It formed a framework for a radically left-wing Biden campaign, which promises to implement much of the $100 trillion Green New Deal, increase immigration into the United States, give amnesty to illegal aliens in the first 100 days of his administration, and give free government healthcare to all illegal aliens in the United States.

Sanders joining a Biden administration might have seemed off the cards even just a few years ago, but the two candidates now represent a Democratic Party that has shifted radically to the left, and Biden wouldn’t have won the nomination without caving to them.