BBC May AXE Legendary Patriotic British Songs from Annual Concert Celebrations

( Every year, the a series of classical concerts are held in London in what’s known as “The Proms.” On the last night of the eight-week-long event a special concert is held in which traditional patriotic British songs are played. The crowd waves British flags and sings along, and it’s really a sight to behold.

But The Last Night of the Proms has become increasingly left-wing and politically correct in recent years, and this year it looks like the songs “Rule, Britannia” and “Land of Hope and Glory” may be removed in the name of “decolonizing” the event.

For an idea of what these events are like, take a look at the video below. Even as Americans, it’s amazing, right?

The event, which usually takes place in the Royal Albert Hall in London, is one of the most patriotic events of the year. Its entire purpose is to celebrate Britain and its history, but reports suggests that the BBC – which broadcasts the event – is considering ditching some of the most popular songs to appease the Black Lives Matter movement.

Well, not just to appease the movement – but also to appease the conductor. 35-year-old Dalia Stasevska is reportedly in favor of removing many patriotic elements of the event from the celebrations. Speaking to The Times, a source familiar with the issue said that Dalia is a “Big supporter of Black Lives Matter” and thinks that the event, when held without an audience because of COVID, would be an ideal way to introduce change.

Presumably because people can’t react negatively to it…

Josie d’Arby, a black-British TV presenter who covers the Proms, said that the Proms has always thought about “racial equality” but that this year it will be “upping it out of respect for the current climate.”

There’s no way this can happen without a significant backlash.

There has already been a slow progression during the events. In recent years, performers have waved LGBT flags during performances of “Rule, Britannia!” despite the fact the song has nothing to do with the movement. If Black Lives Matter succeeds in destroying this British institution, the backlash is going to be huge.