Battleground State’s Democrat Party In Big Trouble

( Florida was once a battleground state, but after firmly supporting President Donald Trump in the last two presidential elections, and with huge numbers of the state’s Hispanic voters turning to the Republican Party, it is now firmly a Republican state.

And the Florida Democrats, according to a report filed to the Federal Election Commission, are in trouble.

The Democratic Executive Committee of Florida revealed in the latest report that they ended the year 2020 with just $60,930.99 in cash, and some massive $868,599.74 in debt.

That’s more debt than President Donald Trump’s business has to overseas banks, which Democrats claimed made him vulnerable to bribes.

Florida Politics even revealed how Blue Shield and Blue Cross canceled health insurance for Democratic Party staff because of the huge amount owed in debt.

Tania Ingram, the former deputy training director for the party, told Politico that she was “f*cking livid” over the issue.

“I’ve taken action like calling elected officials, party chairs,” she said. “I have called party leaders. I have reached out to [party headquarters in] Miami to raise money for these people who now have bills piling up…I’ve heard nothing.”

Not only have the Democrats lost Florida, they’re losing cash, too.

Politico said that news about the health insurance lapse “sent shockwaves through the party as it tried to regroup ahead of a 2022 election cycle that includes nationally watched gubernatorial and U.S. Senate races.”

The outlet also revealed how the Democrats’ horrible showing in Florida in 2020 “set off a civil war and a series of unforced errors” including applying for federal pandemic relief funds.

The Florida Democratic Party is truly struggling for money.

Democrat Party Chair Manny A. Diaz spoke to Florida Politics about the party finances, saying that he “didn’t think they were this bad.”

“I did not expect to inherit what I am inheriting,” he added. “Hey, that’s what I was dealt.”

Diaz said that the lapse in health insurance policies was a result of “mismanagement” and was “inhumane.”

The party recently spiralled into chaos, too, when former party leader Terrie Rizzo revealed how the party “had the funds to pay the November health insurance bill” but there was a “delay in the check being applied.”

Meanwhile, Florida’s Republican Party is reportedly sitting on as much as $5.8 million in cash.

2022 is not very far away…and campaign season will be starting very soon.