Autoworker Who Was Verbally Abused By Biden Speaks Out

( – During a campaign stop in Michigan recently, Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden verbally abused an autoworker. It wasn’t just saying something mean, either – the former vice president swore at one autoworker, told another person to “shush” twice, and then even threatened to “go outside” with someone who challenged him.

The video quickly went viral as it showed, once again, that Biden has a serious temper issue that could become a major sticking point in the campaign.

The autoworker who was at the receiving end of Biden’s abuse recently spoke out about the incident on Fox & Friends and confirmed that Biden not only told him he was “full of sh*t” but even called him “a horse’s ass.”

Speaking to Fox, autoworker Jerry Wayne explained how he didn’t know that Biden would be taking questions during his time in the factory, but had come prepared in case he had the opportunity to talk. When he had that opportunity, Wayne asked Biden about his gun control policies and noted that the Democratic presidential hopeful would be violating the Second Amendment with this proposals.

“He could have easily said I’m not taking questions and I would have very respectfully walked away,” Wayne told Fox. “But he wanted to listen to my question. And I don’t think he was ready for it.”

After a clip of the interaction was shown, Wayne also explained how he found it “disturbing” to see a politician who aims to become president who wants to take away his right to defend himself.

“He doesn’t need to touch anybody’s weapon at all,” Wayne said. “What we need to do is we need to concentrate on teaching people how to respect firearms and how to use them. Not take them away.”

Biden vehemently defended his gun policy during the exchange, claiming he did not want to take away anyone’s right to bear arms. The fact that he has publicly said Beto O’Rourke would be in charge of gun policy under his administration, however, suggests otherwise.