Arizona Governor’s Sons Spotted Maskless At Birthday Bash

( Another day, another example of politicians and their families thinking they’re better than everyone else.

This time, it’s the family of Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the Republican politician that firmly opposed President Donald Trump’s legal push to ensure election integrity following the 2020 presidential election

Ducey’s son, Jack Ducey, published a video online that showed himself and a gang of others attending a birthday party and not wearing a mask, in violation of recommendations made by his father as governor of the state.

The video was replicated and published on the #DeadOnDucey Twitter page, saying they received the clip from a follower who found it on Jack Ducey’s Instagram story.

“If @dougducey’s own adult son isn’t following Ducey’s soft advice how can Ducey expect Arizonans to?” the account asked.

Good point.

The account did, however, say that there should be more “enforcement” of the rules…which doesn’t sit so well with us.

How about we just stop with the hypocrisy and go from there?

Since the video footage was shared and Governor Ducey’s office entered a state of scandal, Jack Ducey’s Instagram account has been made private…presumably to stop any similar videos and photos being uncovered.

On the clip, Jack Ducey overlayed the messages, “the kid is treating himself right” and “Solid birthday to say the least.”

Well, at least he had fun!

It remains unclear where exactly the party took place, meaning it may have been out of state, but it serves as another warning to politicians that if you want to lock down your state, you better set a good example.

Or better yet, not lock down your state.

Ducey’s office has not responded to requests for comment from the press, nor has he publicly acknowledged the scandal on social media. The Arizona governor did, however, introduce new COVID-19 lockdown measures earlier this month.