AOC Defends Wearing Designer Outfit On The View

( – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez keeps wearing luxury designer outfits on TV, in photoshoots, and in public. The freshman congresswoman best known for her extreme socialist policy proposals, and her disastrous “Green New Deal,” has repeatedly come under criticism for wearing clothes that most normal people could never afford.

Now, she’s fighting back. Or at least, she’s trying to.

After appearing on an episode of The View wearing a dress that sells for $580 at Saks Fifth Avenue, AOC hit back claiming, “sequins are a great accessory to universal health care.”


In a tweet, Ocasio-Cortez did not deny buying the outfit, but instead explained how she rents, borrows, and thrifts her clothes. Did she thrift this designer dress?

She claimed that the New York Post was just “mad that you can look good fighting for working families.”

Well, that’s not really what’s happening here. Ocasio-Cortez is a proponent of high taxes and socialist policies, which would result in working families having less money to spend on luxuries. That means most families would never be able to afford a dress from Sakes Fifth Avenue. And, her sassy Tweet doesn’t answer the question.

She may “rent, borrow, and thrift” her clothes, but did she rent, borrow, or thrift this dress?

Her response was made to a tweet by the New York Post, in which they broke the news of the designer dress.

In a Tweet on February 22, AOC doubled down and suggested that she may start asking GOP congressmen how much their tailored suits cost.

The difference being, of course, that Republican congressman advocate policies that increase the amount of money in the average working person’s wallet. If Republicans spend good money on their suits, it’s because they are trying to create a country where everyone can spend good money on tailored suits.