Antifa Insurgency Leader Confesses On Live Interview

( A 26-year-old leader of Antifa organization “Insurgence USA,” which advocated social justice and was established following the death of George Floyd, appeared on an Info Wars interview this week to discuss the Joe Biden presidency…and he made some surprising confessions.

John Sullivan suggested that the support for Joe Biden in the American public is tiny compared to the support for President Donald Trump. He even suggested that he thinks there is “definitely something fishy” about Joe Biden’s election victory and the unprecedented number of votes he received.

While Info Wars is notorious for promoting some wild and wacky theories, the guests appeared to be a legitimate left-wing organizer.

Surely he can’t be the only left-wing activist who doesn’t believe Joe Biden’s victory was legitimate or honest…

The 26-year-old activist joined Owen Shroyer and discussed how he believed the left and right could come together to defeat the “globalist agenda for humanity.”

Sullivan said that he doesn’t support either the Republican or the Democratic party and doesn’t have a preference for president. He did, however, say that the election was stolen and there is no organic support for Joe Biden.

“There is definitely something kind of fishy to say that Biden got all of these votes when Trump had all of these people out there protesting,” Sullivan told Info Wars.

“I believe that [President Biden] won in the sense that that’s what came through the system, right? That came through the ballot machines. That’s what counted. Do I think that there could have been some kind, some sort of miscount or rigging? Yes, I do.”

Incredibly, Sullivan even admitted earlier this month that he embedded himself into the pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” protest on January 6 and incited others to storm the Capitol Building. Sullivan entered the Capitol Building and damaged federal property.

Despite this, Democrats have repeatedly claimed that there is no evidence Antifa was involved.

But Sullivan was arrested by the FBI and has admitted on multiple occasions – including in this interview – that he is an Antifa and social justice activist. Not a Trump supporter.

Sullivan has also been seen in video from mid January talking about burning down the political system, and saying that we “got to rip Trump out of that office.”

Sullivan was released without bail on January 15 after a federal judge in Utah said that prosecutors had not met the legal threshold to keep him in custody. Further proceedings, however, are likely to be on their way.

How Sullivan expects the right and left to come together to defeat globalists when he tried to get Trump supporters blamed for violent attacks on Capitol Hill is unclear at this point.