Antifa EXTREMIST Who Praised Death of Cops Given CASH SETTLEMENT

( President Donald Trump recently signaled his intention to label far-left extremist activist group Antifa a terrorist organization. The group is made up of far-left activists all over the world who encourage violence against their political opponents, labeling anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their far-left ideals as “fascists.”

One Antifa activist, according to a story from Judicial Watch, was reportedly handed a big cash settlement despite actively praising the death of American police officers. In a Corruption Chronicles blog entry, Judicial Watch explains how a “renowned Antifa militant who publicly celebrates attacks on law enforcement is getting a cash settlement from a big U.S. city after claiming in a federal lawsuit that is civil rights were violated during a violent protest with his fellow extremists.”

The story relates to an incident that took place in August 2018. Hundreds of far-left activists took to the streets of Portland, confronting conservatives and police officers. The demonstrators threw bottles, fireworks, and other dangerous projectiles at conservatives and police officers, and videos showed how police officers were forced to use riot gear to control the “protest.”

James Matthew Mattox, a 31-year-old Antifa activist who was among the violence, was dressed head-to-toe in black. He praises the murder of cops on social media and his wearing of a mask and black indicates that he is a member of the “Black Bloc,” a subsection of Antifa that engages in the worst kinds of violence.

Judicial Watch explains how Mattox taunted an officer after firing a rubber bullet and missing. He was then shot by a second rubber bullet which left a “large gash” in his right arm, according to a federal court complaint.

Despite being a member of Antifa, despite engaging in violent protest, Mattox managed to claim a huge $23,000 settlement from Portland City Council after claiming he experienced “depression” and “lasting effects of trauma from extreme police violence.”

Can you believe that?

Despite having expressed support for terrorist attacks against members of our law enforcement, and despite praising cop killers Gavin Eugene Long, Micah Xavier, and Christopher Jordan Dorner, the state gave him a bunch of free money.

“Antifa protests are notoriously violent and can cause lots of damage in the cities targeted by the movement,” the article explained. “During President Donald Trump’s inauguration in 2017, Antifa militants broke store windows, set a limousine on fire and caused thousands of dollars in damage to businesses in downtown Washington D.C.”

The fact that people like this can successfully claim large sums of money from our authorities should be a cause for concern to everybody.