Angela Merkel Refuses To Take Vaccine For COVID Due To Health Concerns

( Just as the United States federal government begins a new push to encourage people to take the COVID-19 vaccines, German Chancellor Angela Merkel caused some confusion this week by refusing to take the Oxford vaccine.

The German leader said that she wouldn’t take the vaccine because she is too old, even though European regulators and leaders have spent weeks and months encouraging citizens to take the vaccine as the continent struggles to catch up with the efforts of the newly-independent United Kingdom.

Who could have predicted that leaving the European Union and its excessive regulations would have been to the UK’s advantage? Well, the people who voted for it, presumably…

The 66-year-old chancellor of Germany was asked if she would take the jab to set an example for the people of Germany, where many are still rejecting offers to take the vaccine and some 1.2 million doses remain unused in storage in the country.

Speaking to FAZ, Merkel said that German regulators only allow those under the age of 65 to take the vaccine. The controversial decision by her country’s regulators still has not been reversed even after various scientific studies showed that the vaccine was extremely effective in the elderly.

“I am 66 years old and do not belong to the recommended group for AstraZeneca,” Merkel told the outlet.

“All the authorities tell us that you can trust this vaccine. As long as vaccine supplies are as limited as. They are at the moment, you don’t get to choose which one you get,” she added.

The New York Times this week revealed how German citizens are “skipping appointments or refusing to sign up for the AstraZeneca shot,” which is the vaccine developed by scientists at the University of Oxford in England.

The Times revealed how German people, including health care workers, fear that the vaccine is “less effective than the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine,” despite all the evidence showing this to be untrue.

“As a result, two weeks after the first delivery of 1.45 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine arrived in Germany, only 270,986 have been administered, according to data collected by the public health authority, the Robert Koch Institute,” the outlet reported.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, more than one-quarter of the entire country’s population has received at least the first dose of the vaccine, and infections in the country are dropping.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson unveiled his plan to end lockdown in the United Kingdom, promising that the end of existing social distancing and lockdown requirements could come by June.