Andrew Cuomo Warned New Yorkers To Avoid Traveling – Then Travelled…

( Democratic Governor of New York is at the center of a fresh controversy after it was revealed that he drove to New York City even after warning residents of his state not to travel as winter storm Orlena made road conditions dangerous.

Cuomo made the warning after meteorologists warned that the storm would cause as much as three inches of snowfall every hour. A state of emergency was announced in nine counties across the state, including a New York City. The governor told residents to stay at home and to perform all of their necessary travel before noon.

“This storm is no joke and the main concern right now is that the expected snowfall rate of two inches per hour this afternoon creates an extremely dangerous situation on our roadways,” he warned.

Cuomo said that when snow falls this quickly, it becomes difficult for snow plows to keep up with it.

“I want New Yorkers to hear me loud and clear – stay home and off the roads and if you must travel, get where you’re going before noon, and expect to remain home for some time,” he added.

Mayor Bill de Blasio also announced a number of travel restrictions in New York City as forecasts anticipated up to 22 inches of snow during the storm.

But despite these serious restrictions and warnings made to residents, Governor Cuomo admitted during an interview on 1010 WINS radio with Juliet Papa that he was on the road, driving to New York City.

“I am personally driving into New York City,” he said during the interview.

So what gives?

Well, it’s not the first time he’s broken his own rules.

Cuomo has long been praised for his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in his state, but his actions and the results of his handling of the virus have proven catastrophic and hypocritical. Now, he’s proving that his hypocrisy extends beyond the bounds of the coronavirus.