Andrew Cuomo Caves Amid Allegations

( Andrew Cuomo has found himself in some hot water, and his office is backing off its initial insistence on controlling the investigation into his alleged sexual misconduct.

On Sunday, the office for the New York governor said they’d back an independent attorney being selected to investigation allegations into Cuomo. That attorney would also have subpoena powers.

Initially, Cuomo’s office insisted that he select the investigator. But fellow Democrats harshly criticized that decision.

Now, the attorney general’s office, led by Letitia James, will head the investigation. In a statement, James said:

“We will hire a law firm, deputize them as attorneys of our office and oversee a rigorous and independent investigation.”

Two former aides have accused Cuomo of sexual misconduct. As recently as Saturday, Cuomo denied making sexual advances to either of the former aides.

On Saturday, he said that he’d initiate a “full and thorough outside review” into the ordeal, which would be led by Barbara Jones, a former federal judge. Other Democrats criticized Cuomo for him retaining control over the situation, though, and so he reversed his decision on Sunday.

In a statement, the governor said he “never intended to offend anyone or cause harm.”

Cuomo, who gained an immense amount of popularity when the coronavirus pandemic began last spring, said he is jocular around his often and in public. He cited the press conferences that he gives where he often banters back and forth with members of the press.

In his statement, he said:

“I now understand that my interactions may have been insensitive or too personal and that some of my comments, given my position, made others feel in ways I never intended.”

One of Cuomo’s former aides, Charlotte Bennett, told the New York Times that the governor asked her about her sex life. He allegedly asked if she was monogamous and also whether she ever had sex with older men.

Bennett worked as a policy advisor and executive assistant in Cuomo’s office for two years through last November.

That allegation followed another by former aide Lindsey Boylan, who wrote in an online essay that Cuomo made several “inappropriate gestures” her way while she worked there between 2015 and 2018. Among Boylan’s allegations are that Cuomo kissed her on the mouth and sent her a rose on Valentine’s Day.

Cuomo has denied any wrongdoing in either case.

While he’s denied these allegations, another creepy video of Cuomo has surfaced. A New York Post report explains the entire situation, where Cuomo is seen in a video challenging a female journalist to “eat the whole sausage” at the New York State Fair in 2016, while the journalist has a sausage sandwich in her hand.

Cuomo told Beth Cefalu, who was a reporter for NewsChannel 9 at the time, that:

“I want to see you eat the whole sausage.”

Cuomo’s daughter Michaela was sitting next to him at the time, as can be seen in the video that was posted by journalist Matt Binder.

Later in the video, Cefalu is taking a selfie with Cuomo while she’s holding up the sandwich, and Cuomo says:

“There’s too much sausage in that picture.”

Others who are eating near him laugh at his comment.