Andrew Cuomo Caught Using COVID Vaccine As A Weapon

( As if New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo didn’t have enough problems, with more than a dozen women now accusing him of sexual harassment and assault, a new report reveals how Cuomo used his “vaccine czar” to test the loyalty of county officials.

According to several international media reports, Larry Schwartz made calls to officials in New York and tested their loyalty to Governor Cuomo as he faces increasing pressure from within the Democratic Party to resign over the allegations of sexual assault.

Schwartz, who is Cuomo’s advisor on the COVID-19 vaccine and in charge of the state-wide rollout, reportedly made a county official so uncomfortable with the phone call that they went on to file an ethics complaint with the state attorney general’s office.

So what was in that call?

Well, according to the anonymous executive, Schwartz said that if they did not pledge their support to Cuomo then they feared that the supply of vaccines in the county could be hurt.

Did Cuomo send out his representatives to subtly imply that the COVID-19 pandemic could get worse in the state if he was forced out of his position?

“At best, it was inappropriate,” the executive said. “At worst, it was clearly over the ethical line.”

Schwartz was asked about the allegations by the Washington Post, but he insisted that there was no attempt made to intimidate anybody during the calls and that the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine was not discussed.

But perhaps he discussed the supply of the vaccine…

“I did nothing wrong,” Schwartz insisted. “I have always conducted myself in a manner to commensurate to a high ethical standard.”

He admitted that he had “conversations with a number of County Executives from across the State to ascertain if they were maintaining their public position that there is an ongoing investigation by the State Attorney General and that we should wait for the findings of that investigation before drawing any conclusions.”

Which means he called officials to see if they agreed with Cuomo’s line…

The New York Governor recently lost the support of far-left Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Some 65 Democrats and 56 Republicans in the State Assembly and Senate have also called on him to step down.

If the sexual harassment scandal wasn’t enough, then using COVID vaccines to intimidate executives into supporting him surely is.