Andrew Cuomo Caught Telling Female Fan “I’m Not Going Anywhere”

( Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t appear to be giving in to demands for him to resign his position, o matter how much evidence comes out about his sexual improprieties, assault accusations, and his cover-up of the true COVID-19 death numbers in New York nursing homes.

The latest piece of shocking evidence is a piece of footage showing the governor shouting at a woman, saying, “I’m not going anywhere darling!”

Cuomo was shouting to what appeared to be a rare supporter of his – a woman, too – who yellow, “I love you and you better stay where you are, we’ve got your back!”

“We love you, we need you at the finish line, you better stay!” the woman said.

Either she’s completely unaware of the over half a dozen women who have already credibly accused Cuomo of sexual harassment or assault, or she just doesn’t care.

Cuomo, looking delighted that somebody actually supports him, responded in the creepiest way possible.

Take a look.

Hardly the wisest choice of words during an ongoing harassment probe, is it?

Fox contributor Hal Lambert, who is also the former National Finance Chair for Senator Ted Cruz, told Newsmax that the governor’s comments might indicate that he is looking to “ride out the media storm” without resigning.

Democrat state assemblywoman Aileen Gunther hit out at Cuomo’s behavior, describing it as “cocky.”

There’s an understatement.

“I’m not going anywhere, darling’?” Gunther said on Fox News on Monday. “I thought that that was unbelievable. Rather than shut your mouth, instead, [accuser] number eight comes forward and you’re still acting very cocky.”

Cuomo is facing increasing pressure from both Democrats and Republicans in his state. Even House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has indicated that it might be time for him to resign.

Charlotte Bennett, just one of the women accusing Cuomo, says that he repeatedly asked her about her sex life and if she would consider having sex with an older man when she worked for his office.

Another accuser says that Cuomo put his hand up her blouse.

Cuomo denies all allegations.