Andrew Cuomo Accused Of Sexual Harassment…

( Democrat New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was accused in recent days of sexual harassment by a former employee in his administration. Lindsey Boylan, who was Cuomo’s Deputy Secretary for Economic Development and the Special Advisor to the Governor between 2015 and 2018, said the controversial politician abused her “for years.”

Boylan, who also ran to be the Democrat candidate in New York’s 10th Congressional District this year, is also currently standing to be the Manhattan Borough President.

She made the announcement in a Twitter thread on Sunday, describing how she would never let “those kind of guys win.”

“I would work hard my whole life to put myself in positions of power to change things,” she said. “To end the violence & corruption. Give voice to the voiceless.”

“I am not stopping. I refuse. I will never give up,” she said.

Boylan explained how her first experience of sexual harassment in the workplace was when her mom got an office job when she was in high school. Boylan claimed that her mother’s boss “isolated her and kissed her” and that she never had a job like that again.

In a later Tweet, she made the shocking accusation about Andrew Cuomo.

“Yes, @NYGovCuomo sexually harassed me for years. Many saw it, and watched,” she claimed.

It’s shocking if it’s true and just goes to show that the Democrats aren’t the angels they portray themselves to be.

“I could never anticipate what to expect: would I be grilled on my work (which was very good) or harassed about my looks,” she said. “Or would it be both in the same conversation? This was the way for years.”

The accusations against Cuomo is interesting, particularly given that his office implemented an initiative in 2019 that removed the statute of limitations on second and third-degree sexual assault or rape claims. It meant that employees would more easily be able to accuse their employers of abuse, and seek justice. It also required non-disclosure agreements to include new clauses that affirmed the rights of employees to report sexual harassment and abuse in their work.

Whether these claims about Cuomo are true or not, he could soon find himself at the receiving end of an initiative he implemented…