Anderson Cooper Slammed For Softball Questions To Biden

( CNN is finally being held accountable, at least by some people, for their softball questions to Democrats. Unfortunately, election season is now over…

The far-left propaganda network received an outpouring of criticism after news anchor Anderson Cooper asked President Joe Biden many softball questions during a recent town hall discussion in Milwaukee, asking him personal questions and refusing to follow up on some disturbing answers.

During the 75-minute discussion with the new president, which was described by one Twitter user as a “total dumpster fire with Biden gaffes, lies, racism and overall awkwardness,” Cooper asked Biden what it’s like to live in the White House, but said nothing when Biden appeared to justify or explain China’s Uighur genocide.

At one point, President Biden also made the inaccurate claim that when he entered the White House, the COVID-19 vaccine did not exist. In reality, the vaccine was already in circulation and distribution had reached roughly one million doses per day on the final day of Trump’s presidency.

Joe Biden had even received both doses of the vaccine before entering the White House.

“Biden claims during CNN Town Hall there was no vaccine when he came into office,” The Hill columnist Joe Concha noted.

“First shots were administered in mid-December. This isn’t a semantical thing or the president misspeaking. It’s a straight up lie on a very important point.”

Is anybody keeping track of the lies told by President Biden, as they did with Trump?

When Anderson asked Biden about China’s human rights abuses and the massive number of Uighur people being forced into “re-education camps,” Biden simply dismissed it as a matter of “different cultural norms.”

This caused a huge backlash, too. For a man that called President Trump the most racist president in American history, you’d think he’d be opposed to literal genocide…

On immigration, Biden promised a pathway to citizenship for millions of illegals. On COVID, he offered no real explanation on what relief American citizens could expect. On schools reopening, Biden made no promises.

And yet, CNN didn’t follow up on any of it. Biden was rarely interrupted by Anderson, and the CNN anchor refused to call him out after telling multiple lies.

Some other questions Anderson asked Biden included:

“You have, over the years — over your career, you’ve obviously spent a great deal of time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, except now you’re living there and you’re President. It’s been four weeks. What’s it like? How’s it different?”

“’You’ve made passing a COVID relief bill the focus of your first 100 days. Those on the right say the proposal is too big; some on the left say it’s not big enough. Are you committed to passing a $1.9 trillion bill, or is that final number still up for negotiation?”

Do you ever remember President Trump getting questions this easy?