Ana Navarro Compared Republicans to Begging Dogs

( – You know Ana Navarro. She’s the Republican strategist who, for some reason, is a commentator for Fake News CNN, and various other left-wing outlets. She’s even a regular guest on The View. 

So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you learn that Navarro recently compared Republicans, people in her own party, to dogs. 

During an appearance on Friday’s episode of The View, on ABC, Navarro discussed Trump’s speech given after his acquittal. The speech has become the center of much media coverage owing to the wide-ranging nature of the address. Navarro, for some reason, thought it made Trump look insane. 

She said, “I thought yesterday was an example of insanity…for me he’s now not only president loco, he is impeached president loco because he likes the word acquittal. I like the word impeaches. And I thought yesterday was just totally off the rails.” 

She might like the word impeached, but President Trump’s impeachment was followed by an acquittal.  

Navarro went further than just calling the president insane, openly attacking Trump supporters. The commentator suggested that Republicans who attended the press conference were begging for attention in the same way a dog might beg for treats. She said, “And then he had this presser that was over an hour at the White House surrounded by these Republicans that looked at him the way my five-pound poodle looks at me when she wants a treat, you know? ‘Oh please say my name, say my name’.” 

Navarro’s beef with Trump is not new. The commentator has been a long-time critic of the president, no doubt why she has become the go-to Republican for left-wing shows on ABC and CNN. During The View episode, she also criticized the President’s faithfulness to his wife, making unproven claims. 

She claimed, “He began with this prayer breakfast, a prayer breakfast where he questioned the authenticity of Mitt Romney’s faith…Now listen, if you cheated on your pregnant wife with a Playboy bunny and cheated on the Playboy bunny with a stripper, you really have no leg to stand on to question Mitt Romney’s faith.” 

Navarro will no doubt continue to make these claims, though they remain unproven.