Alleged “Victim” Of Andrew Cuomo Steps Forward

( Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing a fresh scandal, this time in the form of sexual harassment allegations.

The New York Post noted in February how leading female Democrats, including Vice President Kamala Harris, have been silent on the scandal and have not responded to requests for comment on the accusations made by Lindsey Boylan, a former Cuomo aide.

On Wednesday, Boylan accused Cuomo of kissing her “on the lips” without consent in 2018 and even suggesting she play strip poker with him during a 2017 flight on his official jet.

And now, conservative Liz Joy has come forward with her story during an exclusive interview with One America News.

“Several years ago, where I was asked to go to a small event in SARATOGA SPRINGS New York, for the governor. We went, and I stood in the back of the room actually, I stood in the back of the room and people were meeting the governor, you could get a picture with the governor, I think it was five or ten thousand dollars where you could get a picture taken with the governor and I just stayed off in the back,” Joy told Sinclair.

“But his body person came over to me and said the governor would like to meet you. And so I did go over, I said hello, I shook his hand and turned to walk away, but the governor kept a hold on my hand and pulled my hand back and said, ‘can I get a picture with you?’” she said.

Joy explained that she didn’t pay any money like the others, but Cuomo allegedly said, “that’s OK.”

“He put his arm around me, and he like, squeezed in, it felt like he squeezed in on my ribs and I remember thinking, ‘this is creepy. He’s creepy,’” she said.

Joy said that she never forgot it, but received a phone call from a third party some years later when she ran for Congress. She was told that there was a “lot of chatter” about her and she should “lay low.”

Joy also slammed liberal women in Congress, saying they “will not break their unity” and listen to stories from conservative women who have either been abused or violated by left-wing politicians.

Cuomo has yet to comment on the allegations.