Air Force To Deploy Cold War Strategy Against Russia

( According to a report from Defense One, the United States Air Force has dusted off some old tactics used in the Cold War to deal with an increasingly combative Russia.

The report describes how the Air Force would use a technique whereby aircraft and personnel were shifted around between different European bases to keep the country guessing about which direction they may be hit from.

Now, Air Force officials are reportedly going back to these old tactics to keep Russia on its toes.

In September, the 100th Air Refuelling Wing which is based in the United Kingdom at RAF Mildenhall reportedly tested their ability to quickly relocate their headquarters from overseas to the Ramstein Air Base in Germany. The three-day operation was named “Wolfpack.”

Defense One, a magazine that reports on defense and military matters, said that the operation was designed to test the Air Force’s ability to move operations quickly to keep foreign adversaries guessing.

Air Force Lt. Col. Ryan Ferdinandsen told the magazine that they are changing the game.

“We know going into the future we have an adversary that knows how we operate, so we have to change the game,” he said. “We can’t always operate out of (RAF) Mildenhall.”

RAF Mildenhall is a Royal Fair Force base that was built in 1934, located in Suffolk, England.

Defense One said that a United States Air Force fighter wing at RAF Lakenheath, also in England, is preparing for the arrival of an F-35 stealth jet fighter that will help the country in any potential future conflicts with Russia. The magazine also claimed that a further 50 jets will be delivered before 2024.

That’s a lot of stealth fighter jets.

Lt. Col. Ajax Syswerda said for now that the best place to train is with simulators and that American military officials are preparing for conflict with Russia.

“We will obviously fly the jet a lot and train representations of that,” Syswerda said. “But, to put up the numbers of adversaries you want to fight against…the best place to do that and way less expensive is in the sims.”

It looks like the United States military will be operating out of more European bases than it has done in many years.