AG Barr: Black Lives Matter INCLUDING Criminals

( Attorney General William Barr said something during an ABC News interview that was aired on Wednesday that, in a sane world, would be considered completely uncontroversial. But in today’s world, where violent rioters roam the streets and burn down buildings in the name of “racial justice,” it’s somehow controversial.

During the interview, Attorney General Barr said that he agrees with the sentiment that black lives do indeed matter, but he said that should also apply to people who are victims of crimes. Barr said that black lives matter “in the sense of ensuring that African Americans fully participate in the benefits of this society and their lives flourish.”

Barr made a clear distinction between the organization “Black Lives Matter” and the sentiment “black lives matter,” which is something more people are doing too. The organization Black Lives Matter is a radical, revolutionary Marxist group that has openly advocated for the end of capitalism and the traditional family unit – ideas that many African Americans are likely to disagree with.

“Obviously, black lives matter,” Barr said. “I think all lives, all human life is sacred. I also think that it’s being used now – is sort of distorting the debate to some extent. Because it’s used really to refer exclusively to black lives that are lost to police misconduct, which have been going down, statistically.”

Watch it, if you come at them with facts and statistics they’ll call you a racist, Bill!

“Five years ago, there were 40 such incidents, this last year it was ten. So at least it’s a positive trajectory there, but then you compare it to 8,000 homicides in the African American community. Those are black lives that matter, too,” he said.

It’s hard to disagree, but the idea that all lives matter, including African American victims of crime, is somehow controversial these days. Barr made it clear that he believes all African Americans should be able to flourish, but that it’s important to recognize the victims of crimes committed by criminals – not just police.