Affidavit Says Dems COACHED People At Detroit Polls, Workers ORDERED To Backdate Ballots

( According to an affidavit signed by an election worker in Detroit, along with a GOP poll watcher, voter fraud in Michigan took the form of voters being coached and workers being ordered to backdate ballots.

According to Fox News reporter Matt Finn, an election fraud lawsuit was this week filed in Detroit that contains affidavits from people alleging the backdating of ballots and the counting of ballots without matching signatures.

“It includes an affidavit from a city employee claiming she was asked to backdate ballots,” he added.

Jessy Jacob, an elections worker from Detroit, testified that a supervisor asked him and other employees to backdate absentee ballots. The process involves changing the stamped date on the ballots to suggest that they were delivered in time to be legally counted.

“I processed absentee ballot packages to be sent to voters while I worked at the election headquarters in September 2020 along with 70-80 other poll workers,” Jacob testified. “I was instructed by my supervisor to adjust the mailing date of these absentee ballot packages to be dated earlier than they were actually sent. The supervisor was making announcements for all workers to engage in this practice.”

Jacob also said in the affidavit, which is a legally binding written statement that is sworn to be true, that he saw election workers in Detroit “coaching” people to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate. Jacob said that he observed people on a daily basis, including City of Detroit election workers and employees, “trying to coach voters to vote for Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.”

“I witnessed these workers and employees encouraging voters to do a straight Democratic ballot,” he said. “I witnessed these election workers and employees going over to the voting booths with voters in order to watch them vote and coach them for whom to vote.”

A former Michigan assistant attorney general and GOP poll watcher, Zachary Larsen, also offered a sworn affidavit as part of the lawsuit. In the affidavit, Larsen says that election workers counted ballots for “non-eligible voters.”

The Michigan court case is just one of several lawsuits being filed across the United States, and should they succeed, it could drastically alter the results of the 2020 presidential election. As it stands, Joe Biden is projected to become the next President of the United States.

So that probably means Kamala Harris will be president sometime within the next four years….