Adult HIGH SCHOOL Student Arrested For Exposing Himself In “Gender Neutral” Toilets

( – An 18-year-old high school student in Wisconsin was arrested on Thursday after exposing himself in a “gender-neutral” bathroom.

Raise your hand if you saw this one coming…

Local Rhinelander station WSAW-TV reported that Austin Sauer, an adult high school student, was arrested for child enticement, fourth degree sexual assault, and exposing his genitals to an understage person in a school.

The Christian Post reported that Wisconsin law defines fourth degree sexual assault as “non-penetrative sexual contact” with a person who does not give their consent. The media outlet said that the victim’s gender was not published, but that it is “likely a girl.”

Captain Terri Hook, from the local Sheriff’s office, confirmed that the gender-neutral bathroom is now closed and that the school did not inform parents because it was an “isolated incident” and the student was removed from the school.

The suspect, Austin Sauer, has not yet been charged as the investigation is ongoing.

The issue of gender-neutral bathrooms has been hotly debated for a number of years now. “Trans rights” activists claim that gendered bathrooms make it difficult to choose the right one, while conservatives (and anyone who isn’t super woke) argues that you should simply use the toilet that most people would assume you should use.

In 2018, popular chain Target implemented a new bathroom policy after a man exposed himself to a girl in the women’s bathroom in one of its stores. It came after Target had already changed its policy to allow transgender people to use whatever bathroom they prefer. Many criticized the store chain for making it easier for predators to prey on children and women without being monitored by CCTV.

The issue has even stretched across the pond to Scotland, where the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre was forced to defend its gender-neutral toilets after they received criticism online. Several tweets were directed towards the center, exposing the hypocrisy of a rape crisis center forcing 12-year-old rape victims to share bathrooms with adult males.