Adam Schiff Says “God Forbid” Kevin McCarthy Has Political Ambitions

( California Democrat Representative Adam Schiff hit out at the Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy on Sunday, claiming that he doesn’t have any values and simply wants to become the House Speaker.

It seems like the Democrats will do and say anything to discredit Republicans, whether they believe it or not…

Speaking to Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press,” Schiff complained at McCarthy’s response to the House of Representatives’ vote to strip controversial Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of her committee assignments.

When he was asked by Todd whether he believes that taking such radical action, in response to old videos of Taylor Greene resurfacing in which she appeared to promote the “Q Anon” conspiracy theory, Schiff went on the attack and claimed that McCarthy “stands for nothing except the perpetuation of his own position.”

Doesn’t that kind of sound like he’s talking about…Nancy Pelosi?

“He has no values, and in my view, cares about little except for hoping to be speaker one day, God forbid,” he added.

So…he didn’t answer the question. Todd has specifically asked whether Schiff was concerned about Republicans stripping Democrats of committee assignments if they take control of the House of Representatives in 2022.

“Look, if members of either party are threatening violence against other members of the party, of the body, and suggesting they be executed, if they are casting doubt on 9/11 or school shootings, if they’re heckling victims of crime like Marjorie Taylor Greene did with the victim of the Parkland shooting, if they’re suggesting that a religious group is shooting laser beams to start forest fires, they should be expelled from their committees,” he finally said in response.

But Todd repeated the question, asking, “You’re not worried about the precedent?”

Schiff said, “No, as long as we hold the same standard.”

Some Republicans expressed concern before the decision was made to strip Taylor Greene of her committee assignments that the precedent could result in others who rock the boat too much to be treated the same.

Taylor Green gave a speech on the House floor expressing regret for previously supporting the Q Anon conspiracy theory, but the House went on to vote to strip her of her assignments nonetheless.

Some 11 Republicans voted to remove her, including legislators from New York, Illinois, Michigan, Florida, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.