Acting Defense Secretary Announces His Departure From Pentagon

(ThePatriotSource)- Acting Secretary of Defence Christopher Miller told the press on Friday that he was excited to depart his role and hand over the job to his successor.

“I cannot wait to leave this job, believe me,” Miller said.

Miller is expected to be replaced by retired Army Gen. Lloyd Austin in the Pentagon role.

He also explained how the biggest challenge for anyone in the Defense Secretary role is getting our of a “Cold War” mindset.

“I still think we have a hangover on a lot of that,” he said. “Very high tech, very expensive weapons systems…We need to go smaller and swarmy, in some cases. That was my way of thinking.”

It doesn’t sound very Trump-esque.

President Donald Trump, upon taking office in 2017, promised to rebuild America’s military, and that he did. Pumping in billions of dollars, the president grew the size of the American military after President Barack Obama left it smaller than it had been in decades.

Until Austin officially takes over the role, Trump appointee David Norquist, who has been the Deputy Defense Secretary since 2019, will take over the role. Immediately after the inauguration of Joe Biden, Norquist will take on the position on a temporary basis as the incoming Biden administration is waiting for a waiver for Austin to serve. Such a waiver must be approved by both the House and Senate…which, given the Democrats have now taken control of both chambers, is likely to be approved fairly quickly.

Austin requires a waiver as retired officers are typically required to wait seven years before coming Defense secretary, and Austin only retired in 2016.

Can you imagine the fuss the Democrats would cause over something like that if the Republicans were trying to do it?

At least Norquist will do the job well until Biden’s appointee takes over, having served under three defense secretaries under President Donald Trump.

Miller, during his brief interaction with the press, said in regards to the “Cold War” mindset that he now has “professional respect” for the way Russia runs its military.

“I’m like, ‘Wow. They’re doing pretty well,’” he remarked. “They’re using a lot of irregular warfare concepts – information, all this stuff.”

What do you think…should Biden’s incoming defense secretary opt for a more informational warfare approach and shrink the military, as Obama did last time?