89% Of Republicans Say Voting Process Didn’t Work

(ThePatriotSource.com)- A new poll has thrown the future of American elections into question, with 89% of Republicans suggesting that the “democratic voting process” simply doesn’t work. It comes after the 2020 presidential election saw tens of millions of mail-in ballots sent out to voters all over the country, with a huge number of instances of fraud, misconduct, and irregularities.

The Knight Foundation/Gallup survey, which was released on Monday, shows that Democrats and Republicans are hugely divided on issues of election fraud, with more Republicans believing the system doesn’t work. The Democrats, however, appear very confident in the system implemented in this election that allowed tens of thousands – if not, hundreds of thousands – of illegal ballots to be cast.

The survey, which was taken between November 9 and 15, asked 2,752 respondents about their opinions of the efficiency and accuracy of the voting process in this year’s election.

“Regardless of whether your preferred presidential candidate won, how well do you think the democratic voting process in the U.S. worked this year – very well, well, not too well or not well at all?” the pollsters asked

Some 89% of Republicans opted for “not too well” or “not well at all” while 92% of Democrats said that it was worked “well” or “very well.”

It seems pretty safe to say that the participants didn’t disregard whether or not their preferred candidate won…

The poll also indicates that Democrats appear perfectly willing to ignore shocking evidence of electoral fraud as long as their candidate wins.

In Pennsylvania, President Donald Trump’s attorneys have shown how Republican observers were thrown out of election counts and hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots were counted without proper observation. In Georgia, video footage confirmed testimony from witnesses that after being told to leave, ballot counters continued counting ballots without observers.

The footage even shows counters taking suitcases of ballots out from underneath a hidden table while observers were not watching.

Only 36% of respondents to the new poll said that the election worked “very well” while 30% said it worked “not well at all.”

The results show that Americans are concerned about the election process, but with Democrats willing to overlook evidence – and with the very real prospect of Joe Biden becoming president – could it be that nothing changes?