50 Restaurants Sue Governor Gavin Newsom

(ThePatriotSource)- Democratic Governor of California Gavin Newsome is getting his comeuppance, with more than 50 restaurant owners from the San Francisco Bay Area taking him to court over his in-person dining ban.

The controversial Democrat governor has implemented some of the longest and strictest lockdown orders in the country, effectively forcing restaurants to either shut down completely or lose money by operating solely as takeout businesses.

Dozens of winery and restaurant owners are taking the governor to court arguing that the ban violates their constitutional rights and are forcing them to lose money. According to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle, the business owners also say that the ban has “no rational basis” and as restaurants are not contributing heavily to the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The suit, which was filed in Napa County Superior Court, says that Newsom’s unfair lockdown measures and dining ban constitute an “arbitrary, irrational and unfair” decision that doesn’t reflect science.

It is a similar caser to one case already filed against Los Angeles County which is set to have its next hearing in February.

The restaurants and wineries joined together and formed the “Wine Country Coalition for Safe Reopening” group, which advocates for the reopening of restaurants and bars safely and in accordance with the science that shows social distancing and mask-wearing can help keep people safe while dining.

Cynthia Ariosta, the director of operations for Pizzeria Tra Vigne in St. Helena, which is one of the plaintiffs in the suit, said that her business and others have spent huge sums of money complying with the law only to be forced to close.

“We have all collectively spent so much money to pivot and pivot and pivot to operate safely under the guidelines,” she said. “We really just want to get reopened and bring our employees back to work.”

Pizza Tra Vigne, according to Ariosta, spent $18,000 to rent a tent for six months that would be used for outdoor dining. A further $4,000 was spent on maximizing their outdoor space to cater for outdoor diners, and they then spent a further $1,500 per month on new safety eequipment. Not to mention the cost of installing outdoor heaters and fuelling them.

The outdoor dining ban meant that all these measures were ultimately futile, landing businesses in even more debt than they were after initially being forced to close.

The lawsuit says that without a policy change, more restaurants and wineries will be forced to close.

Governor Newsom, who was caught just months ago attending a fancy dinner at a restaurant, dining indoors with a large group of friends and breaking his new rules, now has some big decisions to make.