47 Michigan Counties Used FAULTY Software That Gave 6k Republican Votes To Democrats

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Faulty software that saw 6,000 votes for Republicans being switched to Democrat votes was reportedly used in 47 counties throughout Michigan, according to the Republican Party.

GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel held a press conference on Friday with Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, where they outlined a series of disturbing irregularities that could have resulted in the vote in Michigan having been counted very wrong.

Cox explained during the press conference that the error involving 6,000 votes was only noticed when the county began to hand-count the vote. If they hadn’t decided to do that, the votes would have been automatically given to the Democrats.

“In Antrim County, ballots counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates,” Cox said. “The county clerk came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes. Since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same county.”

Cox said that Antrim count hand-counted all ballots and suggested that all counties using the software should “closely examine their results for similar discrepancies.”

Hardly sounds unreasonable, does it?

Ronna McDaniel took to Twitter to reaffirm their messaging, saying they “need to pursue clear irregularities.”

Interestingly, the Dominion Voting Systems software that was used in Michigan was also recently connected to the Clinton Foundation. Social media erupted on Saturday night with evidence that the Clinton Foundation supporting the project.

It could be nothing. Or it could be something…

President Donald Trump’s campaign team have confirmed that by Monday, lawsuits will be filed in federal court and cases may be pursued in as many as 10 states.