34 People Dead In Suicide Attacks In Afghanistan

(ThePatriotSource.com)- At least 34 people were killed in separate suicide bombing attacks in Afghanistan on Sunday, which officials say targeted a provincial chief and a military base. The news comes as Democrats refuse to back down on President Donald Trump’s plans to withdraw troops from the country.

No group immediately took responsibility for the deadly attacks which took place during face-to-face talks between the Afghanistan government and the terrorist organization the Taliban. The talks were the first to take plan in-person, and are designed to bring to an end the decades-long conflict. It is the culmination of a peace deal negotiated by the United States government under the Trump administration.

34 soldiers were killed in the attacks in the eastern Ghazni province, with a further 24 people wounded. An attack drove a military vehicle filled with explosive into an army base. The car was then detonated, according to an anonymous official from Afghanistan’s National Security Council. The official required anonymity to provide the information as he was banned from directly speaking to the media.

Chief of Ghazni provincial health department, Zahir Shah Nikmal, confirmed the death toll numbers.

A statement was also released by the Afghanistan Defense Ministry, claiming that 10 soldiers were killed and a further nine wounded. A different account of what happened was offered by the ministry, claiming that the vehicle exploded close to the army base after security forces fired gunshots at the vehicle.

There is no explanation so far for the discrepancy in terms of the death toll and other details surrounding the attack.

Details about the attack were also not provided by the Afghanistan Interior Ministry, though spokesman Tariq Arian did confirm that an attack took place.

The base that was attacked was located in the desert around three miles away from Ghazni city, and the soldiers who were attacked were responsible for performing late-night raids and providing assistance to the army and police forces.

In another attack in southern Afghanistan, a suicide car bomber killed at least three additional people and wounded another 21. Among those injured in the attack were children, according to provincial spokesperson Gul Islam Sial.

There has been a drastic increase in violence and attacks like this by the Taliban against the Afghanistan government this year, particularly since the beginning of peace talks. Now is a crucial time for the Afghanistan government to make progress in this discussions as the United States prepares to end the longest war in its history.