2,600 Ballots Mysteriously Reappear In Georgia, MAJORITY Cast For Trump

(ThePatriotSource.com)- Roughly 2,600 ballots mysteriously reappeared in Floyd County this week, two weeks after election day. It meant that President Donald Trump closed the gap with Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the state that the media assumed the Democrats won, and suggests that more errors could be on the way.

As the state undergoes a recount of the vote – one that does not actually audit the vote but simply recounts potentially fraudulent votes – officials say that they found the ballots in an uncounted batch.

Gabriel Sterling, an official who oversaw the implementation of the state’s new and seemingly unreliable vote-counting system, said that the unofficial of the newly-discovered ballots gave President Donald Trump 1,643 votes and Joe Biden 865 votes. The Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen received 16 votes.

The additional votes for the president mean a net 800 vote gain, closing the gap though not yet changing the results of the election.

Should a full audit ultimately take place, however, the possibility of fraudulent ballots having been counted – or at least, ballots that do not have the right signatures or which are not correctly signed – could make this race much tighter. Until that audit takes place, however, it is unknown just how many ballots were incorrectly counted.

Lin Wood, one of the attorneys representing President Donald Trump’s campaign in lawsuits in several battleground states, said on Tuesday that the recount underway in Georgia is a “sham.”

“The GA Recount is a SHAM,” he said.

“They are ONLY counting votes cast, not checking for validation & not checking signatures. Also there are many ‘perfect bubbles’ on absentee ballot votes,” he added.

The results in Georgia also have an impact on the Senate race. As it stands, Georgia is set to vote in a runoff election in January after Republican Senator David Perdue failed to reach 50% of the vote. However, if an audit reveals new votes cast for Republicans, it could mean no runoff election needs to take place at all.