25,000 Emails and Passwords LEAKED from World Health Organization and CDC

(ThePatriotSource.Com)- A new report claims that some 25,000 emails and passwords have been leaked by online hackers, allegedly belonging to the National Institute of Health, World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control, and even the Gates Foundation.

The news comes at a time when all these organizations are in the spotlight with regards to the world’s coronavirus pandemic response.

According to The Washington Post, anonymous activists posted almost 25,000 email addresses belonging to the organizations. Intelligence group SITE, which monitors online terrorist activity and extremism, released the information this week.

SITE could not verify whether the email addresses and passwords put online are authentic but understands that the information was published online over Sunday and Monday, and quickly started being used by other online hackers to harass and attack people involved with the organizations.

According to Robert Potter, a cybersecurity specialist form Australia, some of the emails are authentic. Potter told the Post that he verified some of the information online and that the origins of the information are unknown. The first instance of it appearing online was on the 4Chan imageboard, but it is understood that the information was likely posted somewhere else first. Later, the passwords were shared on Telegram and Twitter.

Given that nobody knows who is responsible yet, it’s hard to know exactly why this happened – but we can take a good guess. The World Health Organization, CDC, and even the Gates Foundation are experiencing a huge amount of criticism at the moment. President Donald Trump announced that he would withdraw funding for the WHO as a result of their possible cooperation with China in their initial attempted cover-up of the coronavirus outbreak.

The Centers for Disease Control has encouraged social distancing measures that have evolved into full lockdowns depending on what governor is in charge, and the Gates Foundation is facing growing criticism after suggesting that people should only be allowed to live a normal life if they take a vaccine and can prove it with a certificate on their phones.

They sound like motivating factors to me!

According to SITE, most passwords came from the National Institute of Health. 9,938 addresses were posted online, while some 6,857 came from the CDC. The World Bank had 5,120 leaked online, and the WHO had 2,732 possible breaches.

Who bets hackers are angry at the response to the virus?