Still No Iowa Results For Democrats. Here’s Their Laughable Reason For The Delay.

( – It is now more than 36 hours after polls closed in the Iowa caucus Monday night, and the Democrats STILL don’t know who won! Only partial, preliminary results are in for the Democrats, with only about 71% reporting results as of Wednesday morning.

To make matters worse — or more laughable — the Iowa Democratic Party said it won’t release any sort of timeline for when it will release the full results.

The culprit of the delayed results, according to the IDP, is an app that was supposed to help streamline the reporting process. But that app, created by Shadow Inc., actually botched the process of what they were supposed to do.

Apparently, the chairs of the precincts all across Iowa had issues downloading the app as well as logging into the app, which they needed to do in order to send results from their caucus to the IDP.

Candidate Joe Biden and his senior campaign adviser, Jessie Harris, tried to press the IDP and its chairman, Troy Price, during a conference call Tuesday night, according to a Politico report, but they were not successful. Price said they would keep on working on the process and wading through “quality control” issues.

With 71% of the precincts reporting as of Wednesday morning, Pete Buttigieg led the way slightly over Bernie Sanders with 11 delegates and 26.8% of the vote. Sanders also had 11 delegates but was slightly behind with 25.2% of the vote. Elizabeth Warren currently clocks in at third with five delegates and 18.4% of the vote, while Biden was sitting at fourth with no delegates and 15.4% of the vote.

Even still, the IDP said they were reviewing irregularities with the results that were reported, so it’s anyone’s guess at this point exactly how this will turn out.

“We’re going to take the time we need to get these results done,” Price said.

Since Monday night, Democrats have chided the entire situation Republicans have taken joy in the catastrophe and the public has poked fun at the whole ordeal. President Donald Trump got into the act Wednesday morning when he tweeted this jab:

“The Democrats want to run a Country, and they can’t run a Caucus. Brad Blakeman @FoxNewsIowa is a complete disaster for the Dems. They should bring in Mini Mike Bloomberg ASAP!”

So, while the country waits for the results from the Democratic side at the Iowa caucuses, Trump and the Republicans have already put that date behind them. The next big date on the primary calendar is coming up fast, too. The New Hampshire primary is less than a week away — Tuesday, February 11 — leaving one big question remaining: Will the Democrats know who won Iowa before they know who wins New Hampshire?

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  1. And Democrats want to run America?

    Yeah, INTO THE GROUND. Do NOT trust a Democrat with your life or your life savings.

  2. Just can’t make this stuff up! Every time a D opens his or her mouth, their party comes another week or two closer to its demise. The final shoe will drop right around Nov., this year! Looking forward to it! Another wonderful 4 more years with DT and the whole country!

    1. its probably their way of being able to change the votes and screw with sanders again

  3. US Democratic Party has some similarities to The United Kingdon Labour Party – currently diseased with variegated UNCERTAINTIES!
    The most prominent are serious uncertainties about which ways they are currently coming from with which ways they want to go towards in our British National Interests.

  4. Was the company a Clinton buddy or an Obama buddy? I wonder how much graft they had to contribute.

  5. Don’t let them TOUCH our Health Care System! . . . That would be ANOTHER disaster “waiting to happen”, like everything ELSE they touch. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  6. The Dumbocrats couldn’t organize a 2-car funeral procession. They’d be pathetic if it wasn’t for all the fools that follow them; unfortunately, that just makes them more dangerous!

  7. Anyone with any computer knowledge realizes the democrat Iowa primary got hacked. No surprise. The software was as “dependable” like the software used for “Junglecare” that crashed the same day that site went on line…

    1. Thats because obama gave the govt contract for our computer programing to our middle eastern enemies, CIA, FBI, HOMELAND SECURITY, YOU NAME IT.

  8. Trump won that’s all we need to know.

  9. They have more votes then the registered Voters.

    1. So what else is new, wait till 2020 cant wait to see what number California comes up with, it will probably look like ALL of China voted in our election. LOL

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