Democrats Could Be Heading to Brokered Convention!

( – The Democrats could be heading to a brokered convention, amidst an Iowa caucus debacle that hasn’t ended even though the results are in, and campaigners still claim that there’s a plan to rob Bernie Sanders of the nomination.

As if things weren’t bad enough for the Democrats right now, the data suggests that they may well be on their way to a brokered convention – meaning there will be no clear winner for the nomination. The last time there was a very real possibility of a brokered convention was during the 2016 race when Republicans weren’t completely behind then-candidate Donald Trump.

This time, according to Five Thirty Eight, Bernie Sanders has a 37% chance of winning the nomination, followed by “no one” in second place at 27%.

Yes, you read that right!

Before Biden, Warren, and Buttigieg, it is more likely that hypothetical candidate “no one” will win the candidacy. That means the second most likely result of the Democratic caucuses and primaries is a brokered convention that will trigger complicated rules that would determine the eventual candidate.

The fact that Bernie Sanders is the most likely to win the nomination, after narrowly winning the Iowa caucus (or at least, so we’re told!), is interesting in itself. Last time, Bernie was the second favorite behind failed candidate Hillary Clinton. This time, he is heads and shoulders above establishment candidates and even former Vice President Joe Biden.

Sanders could be disastrous for the Democratic Party, in the same way socialist Jeremy Corbyn was for the Labour Party in the United Kingdom’s latest General Election. However, a brokered convention could be even worse. In the event that this happens, Bernie Sanders is likely to have the most candidates but not reach the threshold of 2015 required to become the nominee.

When this happens, candidates begin discussing, debating, and even trading between themselves. They may choose to crown the winner of the most delegates, Sanders, as the winner. It might also end up with a battle between the other candidates over who should step down, and how better to distribute delegates in a way that beats Sanders. If that happens, it will create a deeper resentment for the DNC machine by Sanders supporters who already feel like they were robbed of the 2016 nomination.

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  1. That is what the democ team at leadership wants. Then they can make up rules to get michael bloomberg nominated

  2. Yep, then they put up “Mini Mike” with Hillary and spend tons of money that could be put to better use, and still lose!

    1. I suggest, a brokered convention, just nominate anyone for Pres., and VP, just loose and forget about it.

  3. Mini Mike as the dems candidate ? Well that may be but what ever the outcome I think that Mini Mike will have his Bloomers in a twist after spending a fortune and losing or if someone else gets nominated . I don’t see Bernie winning unless the Democrats are ready to come out as full Communists yet . They try to keep it hidden but inch closer and closer each election .

  4. There will be nothing “brokered” about it. That dirtbag Herr Fuhrer Wannabe “Stop and Frisk” Maggot Bloomingturd will buy the nomination because the demomaggots are bleeding funding profusely now. He has already pumped millions into their coffers and THEY OWE HIM. Being the wh0res they are, they will bend over and shout “THANK YOU SIR, MAY WE HAVE SOME MORE?!?” as he throws it to them repeatedly.

    He will then select Hildebeast Clintstone as his VP running mate. They will make a great team, an egomaniacal narcissistic reincarnation of Herr Adolph and an American hating ruthless power hungry b!tch. If they do win, don’t be surprised if he suffers from a mysterious demise, better known as arkancide and Hildebeast will be the rightful(?) queen. Be prepared to learn how to bow before der Fuhrer Wannabe or Queen Hildebeast as the loyal subservient subjects they demand you be.

    1. I love “Hildebeast Clintstone!” I hope that others will copy!

  5. Mike is working in concert with Obama who cannot stand the lack of adulation he once received. This is another dem coup to buy the elections and protect the thriving leadership. Hillary will be popping up more soon.

  6. Goodbye Bernie. Bernie is no stranger to this. What the hell he’s a loser anyway. Hello Bloomberg, brokered means the one with the most money. Welcome, Hilliary. She is going to be his VP? Somebody said he better hire a taster as she is only one more fatality away from the Presidency. Not a problem.

    1. Yes. This is truth. But who thinks that Bloomberg has common sense?

  7. The Party faithful will never allow socialist Bernie to be their nominee. A brokered Convention is very likely; as is a possible broken covention.

  8. So you pick a candidate that you know is doomed to fail because you are afraid of hurting his feelings and those of his “followers”.(which are really a bunch of over aged kids, who have never held a job, living in their parents basement?) This really typically describes the state of the Democrat Party. So afraid of hurting someone’s feelings, so “woke” that they will nominate a person that would thoroughly destroy our economy, just so they don’t ruffle any feathers. LMAO if it wasn’t so pathetic. #TRUMP2020

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