CRAZY: Adam Schiff Thinks Trump Will Sell Alaska to the Russians

( – If you hadn’t heard enough from Adam Schiff during the impeachment trial, you might want to tune into his latest lot of crazy talking points.

As the final vote by the U.S. Senate on the impeachment trial looms, Adam Schiff has made the outrageous claim that President Trump might offer to sell Alaska to the Russians in exchange for helping him win the next election.


The House Manager for the Democrats has made every possible unhinged argument against President Trump you could think of. He reached out to woke social justice warriors by referring to America as a “she” and told senators that Trump was goliath and, if they vote the right way, they could be David. The whole thing has been one giant farce, but Schiff knows that the chances of Trump being removed from office as a result of a Senate vote are slim-to-none.

Now, as we enter the final stages, he’s pulling out the big guns. During a speech, he made the extraordinary claim that the president would sell Alaska and even allow Jared Kushner to run the country for four years. Perhaps even more outrageously, he said that he would delegate the responsibility of choosing when to go to war to his son-in-law.

Schiff knows that this is make or break. The decision to impeach the president has proven terrible for the Democrats, and polls put Trump at higher approval ratingsthan Obama at the same point in his presidency. That’s why he has gone to this extreme in the hope that people might believe there is a case to impeach the president, despite there being no evidence not just of Trump having committed a crime, but even of having done something wrong.

Schiff said:

“But this has become the president’s defense, and yet this defense proved indefensible. If abuse of power is not impeachable, even though it is clear the founders considered it the highest of all high crimes and misdemeanors, but if it were not impeachable then a whole range of utterly unacceptable conduct in a president would not be beyond reach. Trump could offer Alaska to the Russians in exchange for support in the next election or decide to move to Mar a Lago permanently and let Jared Kushner run the country, delegating to him the decision whether to go to war. Because those things are not necessarily criminal, this argument would allow that he could not be impeached for such abuses of power. Of course, this would be absurd, more than absurd it would be dangerous.”

Yeah, right.

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  1. Schiff DOESN’T think Trump will sell Alaska to the Russians! He merely suggested it as one of the stupid things Trump could do and get away with! You guys are idiots! And the evidence clearly shows that Trump did something wrong, but Republicans are too blind to see it! Republicans are Trump toadies!

      His mama brought him up on Kitty Litter
      and he does have issues!

      Maybe he can broker the sale?????

    2. Congratulations! You posted the most ignorant posting of the day!


    4. perhaps instead we could just GIVE California to the Mexican Gov. since they already occupy a large portion of that State…Nah, I’m sure we’d have to pay them to take California.

    5. Really? What is he guilty of? You want to tell us?

  2. If Stalin was still in charge there, Schiff would be GLAD to give Alaska back to the Communists!!!

    1. You snort way to much freeze dried magic unicorn sht dust.

  3. I heard that Trump is trying to sell the democrats to the Russians .Butt the two problems are the amount is to be their worth to them .First bid is 50 American dollars for all of them and second is we have to pay shipping cost . It sounds like they not even worth selling .

    1. I don’t know about that, I think a lot of people would donate shipping costs to be rid of all of them. Lol.

    2. I have $50 to offer V Putin, shipping included.
      Maybe good for Chernobyl inspectors.

    3. In the real world, Trump’s $4 billion debt was bailed out by the Russian MAFIA ( Putin), laundering money through Trump’s real estate. Putin owns Trump.
      “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.”–Eric Trump

      1. Really Putin pulled him out of debt, that is a laugh. Did you read the Mueller Report or the Inspector General’s report of 12/07/19 or just listen to Schiff. He has been lying about it for a long time. Mueller found no collusion or coordination with the Trump campaign and Russia and the Inspector General confirmed it.

  4. Truth is president Trump is a lot better for the USA than what a lot of us though would happen. Adam should go back to California and take care of his District.

    1. “A lot better”? Economy, better under Obama, jobs better under Obama, a consistent economic/job growth, better under Obama. Unemployment, better under Obama. deficit reduction, better under Obama. World safer from War and nuclear expansion, better under Obama. Deadly concentration camps, none under Obama. Criminal deportations, much better under Obama. Tax cuts, better under Obama. Pathological lying to America, over 16,000 times under Trump.

      1. Tell ya what junior, go get back up under obammy.
        You’ll be safe there.

      2. Wrongo junior..bob is the FIRST to gather illegal children and separate them from their families…look it up. You state NOTHING that is truthful.

    2. a great big AMEN! i for one am tired of him spewing lies to all of America. Let him go back and lie only to Californians and those who will listen.

  5. Schiff is becoming more insane by the minute. Trying to impeach Trump for what Biden and son did. Pelosi and son were involved too. We have too many corrupt crime families in our government. That Ukraine energy co. had more than one politician and family involved in the money laundering business.

  6. There is something wrong, with Mr. Shiffs brain, if he has one. He and naider, should be run out of Congress. How much longer, do we have too put up with people like them? So sad.

    1. Only as long as Schiff and honorable people like him stand up and protect our constitutional principles from life long racist Trump and his fascist Republicans who are snow jobbing America to make Trump a fascist, omnipotent, infallible king.

      1. “Jobbing America…” You do realize, you’re a moron. You should go home, your mommy isn’t aware you left the basement.

      2. You are using the same California vegetation as Schiff. Are your eyes permanently dilated as well?
        Schiff, Waters, Pelosi all from California. Is there a mental problem in California? Most employers require a drug-free test for employment, evidently, Congress does not nor does the State of California.

    2. somebody lock Schiff away forever he is nuts on top of being stupid yea put Nadler in the same room he is another stupid fk

  7. Trump a fascist, omnipotent, infallible king.
    I like that, may I use it?
    I suppose we will have to amend the Constitution, but if it will leave President Trump in charge, good enough.

  8. If anyone that is a dimwit supporter can hear shiftless make a statement like ‘selling Alaska back to Russia’ …and then remain a dimwit supporter…well, look closely in the mirror…THAT’S WHAT AN IDIOT LOOKS LIKE!

  9. Well I see that JR is back making all kinds of idiot statements and untruths. He can’t help it, I guess. His life has been under a lot of stress these past 20 yrs. or so….Don’t worry about him or it. He’ll be that way until the day he dies. Hey, by the way, JR? Are going to be in the front line of the Civil War that will happen if you don’t keep your mouth shut? Go back into your dream land hole, and try to act like a 5 yr old, it will be a big improvement for ya!

  10. Adam Schiff is a dangerously insane person, there is nothing that he would dream up about
    anything that is against his thinking, Pencil neck is a disgrace to the House. Where does he get these crazy thoughts; Maybe the voters will turn him loose to be the George Soros puppet that he is.

  11. POTUS Trump did NOTHING wrong as per the U.S. Constitution (it MIGHT be worth reading it FOR ONCE in your life – Dry reading but WORTH IT) Andre Stephenson. He was actually COMPELLED to pursue the Ukraine investigation as per presidential requirements, looking into CORRUPTION, which there WAS. The House Democrats are GUILTY of SEDITION and TREASON as per the U.S. Constitution for operating an ILLEGAL Coup, CRIMES against The POTUS and the American People. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  12. Desperation brings on Delusions! Poor little Schiffy has a lot of delusions! One of then is that he’s intelligent and handsome! His elevator shoes make him tall! His momma still loves him! And nursing with aunt nancy is heavenly!

  13. No Trump will not sell Alaska back to Russia Sanders will give Alaska to Russia without telling the people who will become slaves to putin.

    1. Can we sell adam Schiff to the russians instead?

  14. Who makes comments like that????? Idiots ? Imbecils ? And then who takes them seriously?

  15. Nancy Pelosi Adam Schiff Jerry Nadler Chucky Schumer impeachment managers democrat congress things and senate things are without any doubt the most deplorable racist communist stupid mfing things on the earth

  16. Come on Schiff. He did NOT say sell Alaska. He said sell Schiff to the Russians. The ultimate insult to the Russians.

  17. don’t sell Alaska give then schff & Pelosi & cali

  18. “Crazy: Adam Schiff thinks Trump will sell Alaska to the Russians”
    But will it not be a good reason for the Democrats to begin the next impeachment of Trump?

  19. This creep is so obsessed that he wanted to have his team meet a faker posing as a Russian, saying he had pics of the president peeing on women.
    Probably wanted a copy for himself…
    I think we all remember when he said he had evidence that the president conspired with the Russians, yet he never shared that info with mueller.
    Why isn’t HE in prison for withholding information ?
    A shame it took the “impeachment” to finally show the public how wacky these knuckleheads are.

  20. Adam the Shiff, you have irreparably damaged the “Solid South” Democratic party in my eyes. Every time you open your mouth the stuff that comes out is just like the stuff that comes out from below the belt and a gaseous wind emanates the atmosphere and burns every ones eyes around you. The eyes do not lie and the ears cannot hear you anymore. Santa Ana winds are preferable.

  21. Shifty Schiff is delusional!

  22. if schiff had is way he would sell california to mexico as long as they gave him super power

  23. No other Country could afford to buy Alaska. Alaska is too Valuable. There are too many U.S. citizens living up there that were born in the lower 48 and a lot of them own “Hunting Equipment”.

  24. Hey Adam, I hear President Trump is going to sell the Russians half of the Moon. You Twit

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