Ana Navarro Compared Republicans to Begging Dogs

( – You know Ana Navarro. She’s the Republican strategist who, for some reason, is a commentator for Fake News CNN, and various other left-wing outlets. She’s even a regular guest on The View. 

So it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when you learn that Navarro recently compared Republicans, people in her own party, to dogs. 

During an appearance on Friday’s episode of The View, on ABC, Navarro discussed Trump’s speech given after his acquittal. The speech has become the center of much media coverage owing to the wide-ranging nature of the address. Navarro, for some reason, thought it made Trump look insane. 

She said, “I thought yesterday was an example of insanity…for me he’s now not only president loco, he is impeached president loco because he likes the word acquittal. I like the word impeaches. And I thought yesterday was just totally off the rails.” 

She might like the word impeached, but President Trump’s impeachment was followed by an acquittal.  

Navarro went further than just calling the president insane, openly attacking Trump supporters. The commentator suggested that Republicans who attended the press conference were begging for attention in the same way a dog might beg for treats. She said, “And then he had this presser that was over an hour at the White House surrounded by these Republicans that looked at him the way my five-pound poodle looks at me when she wants a treat, you know? ‘Oh please say my name, say my name’.” 

Navarro’s beef with Trump is not new. The commentator has been a long-time critic of the president, no doubt why she has become the go-to Republican for left-wing shows on ABC and CNN. During The View episode, she also criticized the President’s faithfulness to his wife, making unproven claims. 

She claimed, “He began with this prayer breakfast, a prayer breakfast where he questioned the authenticity of Mitt Romney’s faith…Now listen, if you cheated on your pregnant wife with a Playboy bunny and cheated on the Playboy bunny with a stripper, you really have no leg to stand on to question Mitt Romney’s faith.” 

Navarro will no doubt continue to make these claims, though they remain unproven.   

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  1. Is ths Ana Navarro the wacko crooked 9th Federal district judge of the Cliven Bundy (Rancher) case:?’

    1. Nope – she is a Venezuelan (IIRC) refugee who managed to promote herself as a ‘republican’ commentator – no evidence she really is one though – and is now a political hack for the communist news network. She’s an ‘expert’ because she says she is.

      1. Venezuelan????? Nooo she a female pig from from Nicaragua
        Agree with you Franco

        1. You got that right she was an illegal Nicaragua one of the group Reagan granted rights i am sure the government gave her a free education then she use her time dating old married billionaires lived with one and dated another till she decided which one to marry. Why doesn’t she use husband name , i am sure she uses his money like her big mouth

        2. yep, ncaraguan anded she is a total leftie and a useful idiot at that. Shes no republican.

        3. Wack’o Navarro, a lost mind lunatic should just hide under a ROCK, the world needs less of these latino air heads, ur not American, & u need to go back to ur 3rd world country u hack wack!

      2. I don’t think a woman like that who lies and hates republicans so much can be a republican! She’s a no good bad mouth thing! She acts and speaks like Trash. She LOOKS AND ACTS LIKE A “DUMB, DUMBER AND DUMBEST “person”, if you can call her a person

    2. Navaro is a BIG big Fat Ugly Pig!
      I am a Republican and I don’t usually attack females in that gross manner but
      MUJER BRUTA!!!!

      1. No Navaro, that Democrat Senator Crying Chuck Schumer!

  2. It seems she is doing a CYOA. Money coming in and life is good, that is if this kind of life is ok with her.

  3. Ana Navarro is just a gutter trash Low IQ reporter that thinks she is smart when in fact she is IGNORANT

    1. Ana Navarro is one taco away from becoming Rosie O’Donnell.

    2. plus shes more than likely benefitting from Trumps lower taxes and higher wages,So on top of all else shes a big fat hypocrite!

      1. What is she doing calling herself a Republican????????
        Not an American go back to your country.

  4. I don’t think the Republicans are the ones begging.

    1. Anna loca I was a demo but for idiots like you im a proud Republican also got my citizenship at 17 yrs old proud marine

  5. Who is she? Her word is as good as mine….and at least we have a President who is doing what we elected him to do…WORK!! And he does it for free. The Republicans are like begging dogs? Well, we get the treats…because we hit the jackpot with this president. He pays attention to what most Americans want and is driven to get it for us. If we are begging dogs, the Dems are the whining babies. Boo hoo!! Always moaning about something…maybe it’s time to change their diapers! They are really stinking…and badly!!

    1. Ana Navarro tells it like it is. And as for Trump doing what he was elected to do for free, maybe by not taking a salary that will help pay back some of the money he spends taking trips to play golf. This is not a reality show, this is our COUNTRY. There are rules and regulations to follow, not letting your rich and crooked friends off. TRUMP is not above the law, and he is not a KING! He is running this COUNTRY into the ground. Pretty soon we will have a DICTATORSHIP!!!

      1. You are misguided, disinformed, misinformed, cite another President who has had the economy as Trump has achieved, the jobs for blacks, hispanics, asians and WOMEN, the wage,s, thelowest unemployment. etc. You have to be blind or indoctrinated to state such lies! or simply a hateful bitter woman who despite the EVIDENCE still will deny his AWESOME RESULTS!!!” yuk

      2. AND…you’re probably benefitting from higher wages, or new job. people who criticize him are the ones who ususally benefitted but not willing to admit it cause it doesnt fit their narrative!
        you want to go socialist o communist like Bernie Sanders? go ahead, do you even know what thats like? I do, I fled a communist regime and America and Trump are the best things that can be found in this planet and its for us, what we earn is for us, not for the government.! GET INFORMED!

      3. You are crazy wrong, Obuma spent more taxpayer money going on vacations in his first term and going overseas to bow to the middle east leaders. He ran the country so deep in the ground we had to look up to look down. Yeah figure that one out moron. But Trump clearly brought us back up. Choke on that butt hole.

  6. She sounds like a hypocrite working as a Republican commentator, Republican strategist ?, going on different news channels only to trash talk about Trump? No character, common sense, or courtesy toward POTUS. Disagrements yes, trash talk, no.

  7. FUK Ana Navarra. She is the only begging immigrant.

  8. Ana N. is a DemonKKKrat in RINO clothing XXXL). Her TDS is debilitating, and her opinions are as valuable as the paper I wipe my butt with!

    1. Hay broad, you better watch out who you insult . I am a republican Pres. Trump voter and, I will vote for him again. If you insist on insulting me I will sue your a## off

      1. Let her talk and then put charges against her for slander, lying, and putting out improper information and take her to court.

  9. She’s a complete piece of fat ugly trash which the demos love pig crap

  10. This is a stupid woman.We who believe in God our provider are not dogs but priests and kings..She would h e the one begging if she continued on this jealous rage against people who do not attack her.

  11. Who ever said this thing is a Republican has lost their mind as much as she has. She is just another immigrant brought in by the left and masquerading as a Republican to try to convince Americans that socialism is the way to go. The problem is all we have to do is look at the country she came from (Venezuela I think) or some other third world country with a failed economy. Apparently the whole world including part of our own government wants to destroy the greatest country, with the greatest economy (thanks to Trump) in the world. The left want everyone to be equal except the elite in charge. The elitist want to control the world. They don’t care about the people of the world only power. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  12. Ann Navarro is like Ilhan Omar, a stray dog that bites the hand that feeds it. I will a agree she is an “EXPERT!”. EX=HAS OR HAVE BEEN; PERT= DRIP UNDER PRESSURE!”

  13. Who’s the good girl, then? Up, c’mon. Up. There you go. Now let me put the biscuit on your nose. 3 – 2 -1. Good girl. Now beg to go outside……

    She’d know about begging dogs, now wouldn’t she?

  14. Hey Navarro. Take the crap out of your mouth before you speak.

  15. Careful Ana, you will go the way of Rachel Maddow. Keep digging that hole.

  16. Anna Who ? Sounds like she’s a dog begging for a bone . Anyone’s bone !

  17. Democrats and their communist and revolting unwillingness to admit they are wrong has become the joke on them! Their unrealistic agendas are not even doable for the cost alone. If you go Nazi communist who’s going to make the money to cover 50 trillion dollar hand outs to communist democrats so they don’t have to work and we all know they live on taxpayers handouts already for their miserable excuse for lives. Look at these communist run states and just consider their homeless issues and cost to support their illegal immigrants democrat fake votes to screw Americans to support their democrat corruption, treason and attempted coo

    1. I hope you’r being sarcastic, there is no intention of ever giving anything for “free”…that’s just the bait for the gullible ones.

  18. Nope. You have that all wrong. The ones who lost. If anyone’s begging, it’s them.


  20. Ana is no republican. She’s a democrat.

  21. Odd that anyone can claim to be a “strategist”, and it’s accepted as true.
    She may have started out as a Republican, but after the Bush era, she went far left as a socialist who feels all Americans are LOOKING for a handout…
    The shows she’s “commenting” on show the agenda. All left.
    If she still claims to be Republican, she makes mccaine on the view look like a hard-right tea party member…
    Telemundo of all channels is the worst of the radical left, still upset over support for protecting our country’s borders.
    It seems (to me) that because of her AGE, she’s merely the promoter for her husband’s (al cardenas) views.
    Guy a couple times her age, after Bush, he fell out of love with the Republican party, and became a never-Trumper.
    Maybe he feels she’s more “tv-friendly” than an old man saying the same thing.

  22. Why are my comments always ignored!!! This woman is not a REPUB. She is a bone head dumborat!!!!

  23. She, and other rino’s and liberals eat the crap that comes from the “begging dogs”

  24. Anita Na-barro, Where you coming from, I believe
    you related to those people in USA that should be
    bread crumps pickers ……………..THINK ABOUT IT.

  25. I am a dog owner, and a dog of mine bit the hand with which I feed, that dog would be dead that day.. This party sounds to me like a dog that is biting the hand that feeds it

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