Whoa. Brennan Lashes Out At Trump After Ig Horowitz Releases Report On Fisa Abuse

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Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, Former CIA Director John Brennan lashed out at President Trump Monday evening after DOJ IG Michael Horowitz released his 476-page report on FISA abuse.

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  1. You have observed very interesting details! ps nice web site. “I hate music, especially when it’s played.” by Jimmy Durante.

  2. John Brennan should be investigated for sedition and treason. He needs to go jail – or shot.

    1. agreed, jailed and then shot , he gets the DELUXE TREATMENT

    2. John Brennan is a Muslim who converted to the Muslim Ideology when he was with the CIA in Saudi Arabia and totally supports Shariah Laws and Muslim immigration, any more questions???

      1. Brennan also voted for Communist Gus Hall.
        Any questions as to why Obama appointed him to head up the CIA FOR FOUR YEARS?

    3. Brennan might want to shut up, lawyer up, and plead the 5th… and that’s the ONLY legal advice he’ll get from me!

    4. I believe Brennan and Clapper are part of this rediculous swamp. I believe they were instrumental in the start of the Russian hoax. Didn’t I hear that Brennan was a communist? How the hell did he get a government job? Sounds to me he had a lot to do with what’s going on because he’s been on news clips chomping at the bit to talk bad about Trump and Republicans. They hopefully are doing a good investigation on both of them.

    5. Precisely: Brennan needs to be EXECUTED for the same reasons as were Ethel and Julius Rosenberg….TREASON!

  3. What does Brennan have to loss
    He is going to jail anyway

  4. Isnt this poo roof the fbi and cia are hiring stupid people to be directors? This guy has to be ad dumb as a mud fence

    1. LOL LOL HA HA HA !!! dumb as a MUD FENCE, you nailed it. he is all of that,

    2. Gives one a glimpse of the corruption and treason that has infiltrated the higher echelons of the administrative offices.

  5. Brennan needs to be locked up in Prison with now outside contact allowed. He is 1000% crooked and he is a Muslim

    1. If he goes to jail he will be epsteined within a week because he will start to squeal like the little rat he is. Can dish it out but can’t take it. Bye bye johnny.

  6. brennan is once sorry piece of works, send him into exile where they pray 5 times a day. VERY CORRUPT a NEVER TRUST and NEVER turn your back on him either ,he is a BACK STABBER

  7. Bum brennan is a muslim convert, supported everything fraudbama regurgitated, hates America and Americans – – therefore, he is a traitor and deserves a public execution.

  8. Brennan speaks with crooked tongue . Out both sides of his mouth simultaneously . & he has the gall to attack our president. What a pos !!

  9. Notice…it is FORMER CIA director. He is no more than HOT AIR. He is afraid his behind is going to get exposed like the rest.

  10. The slug should be making these”comments” from a small cell in Guantanamo!

  11. Jail is too good for Brennan! He, Comey, Pelosi and Schiff need to be publicly tried for Treason and once found guilty all four of them should be hanged by the neck until dead!

    1. I agree hole heartily that these 4 deserve just that!

  12. This amorphous slob would do himself a whole lot of good looking for a great defense attorney, instead of tweeting and going on MSNBC. He has CLEARLY permitted himself according to the IG report.

  13. Why don’t They ewer question Brennan and Mueller about 9/11? They ware the heads of the FBI & CIA. Their offices were in the WTC.7. that was open 24/7. collapsed in its own footprint in 5.7. Seconds and none of them 387staff and agents got a scratch? Because Brennan and Mueller told them not to come to work, and those that were at work was told to go home. And why did they remove all data and personal items Prior to 9/11. and why did CNN Report about the Collapse? 27.Minutes to early?? Semmes to me like they all knew what was coming??.

  14. Brennan looks like and is a low-iq thug. Only a simpleton like Obama would have named him as Director of CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE.

  15. Brennan, Clapper and Comey, among so many others have every reason to lash out, before the “hangman” comes for them!

  16. If telling lies were the reason to fire someone, he would be a goner. Why is he still in an important place in the government? Rewind the Benghazi tapes.

  17. Brenmen is THE number one person that i want to be executed for TREASON. I’d like to see this public execution of this turd. I want all these creeps to go to jail for treason…Comey, Clapper, Strxok, Page, Yates, Lynch, the Ohrs, Clnton, Powers, Rhodes, McCabe…but Brennan….shot for treason. They tried to undo the election of 2016…with a COUP!

    1. What about Obama, he’s is as guilty as any of them, he was the ringleader.

  18. This should surprise no one. Brennan is A part of the deep state. No one was placed in the Obama Administration unless they were loyal to the anti-American culture in the Obama Administration

  19. send him to the front line in a war zone and that will work fine someone will get to him. Make him sweat.

  20. John Brennan should say less and tread very lightly, this all may come back and bite where the sun don’t shine?

  21. All you trumptards are in a dream bubble just like your duck leader, donny! Clueless as a duck and his ducklings splashing water in there little duck pond… Brennan and the FBI. ARE RIGHT ON PERFECTHE MONEY…IF you want to smear our professionals…and trust that mental case that’s your personal problem…Get a life….

  22. Brennan!
    Your day is about to come, COUNTERFEITER!!!
    Even Harry The Reed has turned on you and exposed you for the Counterfeiter you are!

    along with Clapper, Comey, Mccabe, Strozk,
    Page, and the other Wild Bunch!

  23. Very good and honest post! In my experience, it is often the case that other people’s jobs seem perfect, but in reality most of them are not. It is just because they are not as good as talking about the bad sides as you are!Good luck with quitting before 2017 – you deserve it!Onwards,Carl

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