Nice! Nikki Haley Explains How God Is Using President Trump For Change

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

100% Fed Up reports, During a recent interview, President Trump’s former U.N. Ambassador, and former South Carolina governor, Nikki Haley, sat down for an interview with CBN News chief political analyst David Brody.

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  1. The President was God’s choice .We must pray for him to have God’s wisdom and strength to do the job he was elected to do

    1. As is always the case, religion has taken another mind hostage, and induced it to think with great irrationality.

  2. President Trump has proven over and over again that he is exactly what he said he was and would work tirelessly for the benefit of the American people. Finally, a man in the middle of a corrupted political system making decisions not based on personal enrichment but on common sense and honor!

    1. I am so proud and thankful for President Trump!
      God bless you, Sir!

  3. You are absolutely right……….I pray for President Trump every day because he IS DOING THE WORK GOD SENT HIM TO WASHINGTON DC TO ACCOMPLISH.

  4. if GOD was not with TRUMP & did not have him under his protection this country would be a communist country right now because of the DAMOCRAPS . because everything they stand for is communist or socialist (the samething) SATAN is in control of the DAMOCRAP party . the proof is in the fact that they can not open their mouth without lying

  5. I agree. It was Not Russia that got him elected, I believe it was God’s plan. And I believe He will be behind him in the next election

    1. I agree whole hardly to the fact that God had His hand upon this man (President Trump) from the start. God knew with the president’s not so mild mannered talk, but God knew He had a man to fight for this country and stand for God.

  6. President Donald j Trump through 2024 Nikki Haley president from 2024 to 2032 Donald Trump jr. 2032- 2040 by that time we might have this country straightened out

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