Anthony Scaramucci Makes Complete FOOL Of Himself On CNN – This Was HUMILIATING

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Mark Farkelstein from NewsBusters reports, “Mooch’s Revenge” could be the working title for the series of interviews that CNN’s Alisyn Camerota has conducted with Anthony Scaramucci. Since some time after President Trump fired him as Communications Director after a tenure that was record-setting for its brevity, Scaramucci has been carrying out a one-man vendetta against his former boss.

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  1. This schmuck is pissed off because his 15 minutes of fame is over, so in order to keep his name in the news, he keeps opening his pie-hole when in fact, he’d be better off keeping it closed…… one cares about anything he has to say………

    1. He looks like a thug. Which crime family does he belong to?

      1. I’ll lay odds that he is some distant relative of ditzy drunksy peelousy

  2. Is anyone getting sick of this same old $hit?? I sure am.

  3. Not hard for him to do – he is a fool.

  4. This guy is a nut. Our President should sue him for is trailer house and his coon dog.

  5. the moocher was fired because he couldn’t keep his flipping mouth shut. Why else would the operatives used him to take the false narrative regarding Russian collusion public.
    Why people even give this mouse air time, other than to see him skydive, is beyond me.

    1. Toni, you’re questioning his beliefs and where he stands on matters? Have you been in a coma since before his election? You’re being fired is self-explanatory. Political positions are not permanent.

      1. True, those positions aren’t, but Ginzburg (sp?) seems to believe Judicial appointments are!

  6. Little shorty boy has always been a big mouth punk

  7. Dimes to doughnuts he fell for the Leaker trap. You know, the one where you bring a select number of people into the room one at a time and tell each in confidence something different, but letting them think it has been shared to a select few. Then you sit back and watch what leaks. Works every single time. Mooch was a huge leaker because he was never a Trumper, just a New Yawk Schmuck who can’t find investors like he used to.

  8. Scaramucci is nothing if not simply a cheap, empty suit!

  9. This coming from a drunken, New York thug, that didn’t last 2 weeks inside the Trump Administration, before being fired for being a drunken douche bag! Just take your lumps like an adult and disappear into the shadows like a good little dim!

  10. What did you expect? . . . An intelligent ANSWER?!? The Criminal’s News Network (CNN) would love to interview him! Even if it makes a complete FOOL out of them too. They’re ONE and the SAME – REPROBATE Liars. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  11. Hey Mooch/Scmuck, so let me get this correct , you think almost 63 million people are looking for jobs in the White House and we are cowards. Well Sir Mooch , I’m a Veteran of the USAF along with millions of my fellow Veterans and we are not coward, You along with Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams need to get over being losers and go away. Keep your vile inuendos to yourself and join the Democratic/Socialist Party.

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