Another GOP Rep. Just Made Adam Schiff’s Worst Nightmare Come True!

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Molly Prince from The Daily Wire reports, Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) demanded on Tuesday that House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) testify under oath about his relationship with the whistleblower who ignited impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump.

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  1. Schiff should be charged with treason and go direct to prison.

    1. We do not do that in this country, maybe in fascist Russia, but not here.



      2. Adam Schiff is a crook and a lyer. He does need to answer to the American people, why does he have so much power? He seems to have more than the president. We do not need people like this in the white house

    3. You are sadly mistaken amen about that! You need to research your answers and tell the truth!!

      1. Since you seem to know was Adam ever sworn in? Hillary never was.

  2. After that DOG pile SCHIFF testifies, then IMMEDIATELY put him in HANDCUFFS for TREASON, PERJURY and SEDITION. ASAP. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

      1. Totally agree! Schiff and the fake whistleblower are traitors.

    1. I second that notion!!! Schiffless is a LIAR and A SNEAK!!!!r

  3. Time for Schiff and his cohorts to head over to the grey bar hotel.

  4. Does anyone really believe that shifty schiff will actually submit to questioning? If schiff or the phoney whistle blower got on the stand his complicity in this coup attempt would be revealed that or there would be 2 cases of perjury. This whole hoax stinks to high heaven. If any of this were real the all the procedings should, and would be totally out in the open instead of the closed door circus that the dems have been playing at. The perpatrators of this travesty need to be in PRISON

    1. This preliminary process is not significantly different than the Nixon and Bill Clinton inquiry. Bill clint had a closed door 80 month Republican investigation, it took four months before an impeachment inquiry for Nixon was voted on and there are 170 closed door Republican meetings over Benghazi. You are so lucky your ignorance of factual history is not a crime.

      1. I’d love to understand your definition of “significant.” For Clinton, there was an Independent Investigator Report (like Mueller) that was completed before impeachment discussions began.

    2. If it goes to the Senate … HE WILL!

  5. I believe that Adam Schiff has committed Perjury and has done nothing but lie and break the law! He’s should no doubt be arrested and charged for Treason and sedition! If the people of America can’t see what is happening right before their very own eyes, they are completely blind to reality! Take these criminals down already, They are making our country look like a third world country as like in the banana republic!

    1. Was Adam Schiff ever sworn in? Hillary Clinton was never sworn in and I don’t understand why not?

  6. What was wrong with my comment? It wasn’t sexist ,racist, homophobic, threatening or nasty At least be a MAN or WOMEN and tell me why??

  7. It’s odious and pathetic what the Dems are doing
    and have done regarding the President of the United States and the Republicans in many cases aren’t much better. I have been looking at all these Dems and they almost to a person have some crooked nonsense going on to help make them or family members or friends richer at taxpayers expense and this goes for many Republicans as well, it’s a swamp and a smelly one at that.

    1. It is no different than the Nixon and Bill Clinton proceedings, the Democrats are following the same rules set up by speaker Boehner when the Republicans controlled the House.

      1. No it is not like Nixon and Clinton proceedings, the Democrats have made new rules for this proceeding, they have admitted it more times than I remember. Doesn’t matter who rules the house or senate, the Dem’s have told the Rep’s who they can and who they cannot have testify. And they won’t let anyone talk about what Obama did with the other countries.

      1. Bingo Rep. Elise Stefanik, Shifty Adam Schiff is going to deflect from the question of his involvement with the whistleblower in which we all have a good idea who it is because Schiff’s on committee has already released his name and he is highly partisan Trump hater. Someone need to tell the bosses at Fox News that.

  8. So I take it y’all won’t answer me why y’all won’t print my 1st and original comment??

    1. So sorry. We never saw it..good or bad about old Shiffty?

  9. I think theJ.D. should be investigation Adam Schiff and the whistleblower connection make them testify under oath

    1. Nah, the whistleblower just gave a heads up and was determined credible by Trump’s I.G. The original information has been validated by six highly credible and unimpeachable witnesses, many appointed by Trump. The Whistleblower statement is no longer necessary.

  10. What happened to the party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy?

    1. The Republicans since Reagan has urinated on it…

      1. Kennedy and Truman were dems not Republicans

    2. LBJ destroyed when he began to move the dems toward socialism with his “great society” and all its give away programs. Before him the democrats actually believed in family values and self reliance

  11. Shiffty will not testify. In his mind there is no need too. The demonrat motto” the end justifies the means”. No need for due process or fairness.
    Whatever it takes to get the result you want.

    1. That will come if and when the impeachment is sent to the Senate for trial. You are misinformed and confused.

  12. If the normal American citizen did what Schiff has done we would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Frankly I’m sick and tired of these parasitic officials picking and choosing what laws they need to go by. The democrats are making Hitler’s Germany look pretty benign. We absolutely need to have TERM LIMITS. The longer they are in office the more corruption.

    1. This preliminary process is not significantly different than the Nixon and Bill Clinton inquiry. Bill clint had a closed door 80 month Republican investigation, it took four months before an impeachment inquiry for Nixon was voted on and there are 170 closed door Republican meetings over Benghazi. The Democrats are following constitutional precedent, your “Hitler” remark is way off base. Your “term limit” idea is stupid, it will only turn over the government to non elected career bureaucrats because they will be only people who know how stuff works.. Logic failure.

  13. I have never seen so many laws broken or the process be changed to fit their needs. I have spent 15 years in a courtroom and never have I had the judge say who can and cannot testify. Or tell the witness what they can or cannot answer. He is playing judge,jury,prosecutor and hangman and people believe it’s the same treatment of Clinton and Nixion. We worry about the education our children are getting today but by the answer of these uneducated democrats the education system failed a long time ago.

  14. Tulsi Gabbard a Major in the Hawaiian Army National Guard , who did two deployments to the Middle East serving our Country got a life lesson about the Corrupt and unethical Democrats from Hillary Clinton and the wacos on the View. I got a life lesson from the Liberal Democrats when I got home from Vietnam and they were at the airport and on the streets spitting on us and cussing us out. That was 50 years ago and they have only gotten worse. Signed a Vietnam Veteran.

  15. That’s the way, it starts! you have no control you don’t have any point of view. (Coming to your town) . if the DEMS control the country. this is the way it happens. The young people of America better listen up . you might think this the right way to be . but what will you do ,when it’s you.

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