Will Public Hearings Change The Nature Of The Impeachment Inquiry?

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The Federalist commentary writer Emily Jashinsky discusses the Ukraine call whistle blower’s lawyer describing the impeachment process as a “coup,” whether or not President Trump is engaged in a quid pro quo agreement with Ukraine, and the wealth tax debate.

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  1. No not with the rules Schiff has made and the house allowed, Never thought our congress would defile the Constitution this way. IT SAYS THE ACCUSED HAS THE RIGHT TO FACE HIS ACCUSER AND TO QUESTION THEM NOT UNDER THESE RULES. ONLY SHIFF HAS ANY RIGHTS NOW

    1. Can’t believe there isn’t a single authority or combo thereof to counteract this liar Schiff. Talk about scams

  2. I would Never trust a slime bag Democrat !! And the American Citizens see right through them . They are Evil and Corrupt and Many will loose their race in 2020 !!

  3. With the rules that the left make up as they go, it may help if it was a public hearing, since they would NOT be able to just pull rules out of their sleeve, but would have to follow the rules already made long ago……….

  4. I do not trust the republicans at all up until trump was put in there they were half decent not anymore they are as crooked as he Would like to see a change with both parties working toward the same goals. Never happen with trum

  5. The dim0cRAT party is owned and controlled by the communist party, thy want complete control of your life,
    they will promise anything to get your vote, and if you take their bait, that makes you a “USEFUL IDIOT”.

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