Boom! Don Jr. Shuts Down ‘The View’ As Behar And Whoopi’s Worst Nightmare Unfolds On Live Tv

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Brian Flood from FOX News reports, Donald Trump Jr. went into enemy territory ready to fight Thursday, blasting the hosts of “The View” for Joy Behar’s past use of “blackface” and Whoopi Goldberg’s comments diminishing the seriousness of director Roman Polanski’s sexual assault of a minor — and when the show went to commercial, Trump Jr. took to Twitter to continue the barrage.

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  1. So rude and he deserves to defend himself. They are nasty about him, and where is Megan defending the Republicans. I dislike crazy Democrats !

    1. Go gett’em JR. Show them that where the TRUMP”S are common sense live there!

  2. I think it’s a great idea the Dinald Trump jr.sgut down the Joann and Whoopis show . No real reason to be hostile and rude know it alls even if it was thier show so they thought..disgracing people will eventually come back home to you..protecting the guilty is so wrong..wake up people..respect others if you want respect in return.

    1. Are you talking to the President?

  3. The black monkey and all the others are brain dead morons.

    1. It is called a consortium of liars ganging up on those not like them. I loved it when the audience applauded Trump Jr and moron said “it’s not a MAGA gathering”.

      Character or lack of it should be weighed over celebrity. Look at Alec Baldwin for an example – can do a fine job acting but stinks in reality with socialist rhetoric and agenda.

  4. The view is full of bigoted racist animals. They are evil sub humans.

  5. Whoopi has a lot of nerve.
    She knows what happened to the things stolen off of my porch. Why, she’s even wearing my mop on her head.

  6. Go Don Jr. Put them bit—s in their place. Hand all those BIT–ES THEIR WALKING PAPERS.

  7. Where is Megan defending the Republicans? she and her father were never republicans just deep state A&$$holes. Her back stabbing father is one of the ones who started this impeachment sh$%$#t.(Remember)

    1. the sow megan just like her traitor dad she is no republican shes a demrat she just like her ignorant lying back stabbing traitor daddy who was a two faced coward that didnt have the balls to stand up for the AMERICAN PEOPLE in stead he was kissing the azzzzzz of the democrats and back stabbing our president @ every corner and oh boo hoo the stinking traitor is DEAD BOO HOO NO LOSE AND WHY IS THAT STINKING SHOW IS STILL ON joy and whoopie are two lying back stabbing snakes

      1. that is the dumbest show on t.v. I only look at it to see if they have an interesting guest visiting. it wasn’t badyears ago but now isn”t worth the time…..

  8. I don’t know why Don Jr. and Kimberly wasted their time going on that noxious show. Those vile Harpies including Megan are all rabid left wingers. You look at the women on the right and how they act and then compare them to the left wing Libertard Harpies, I can almost understand why old Teddie stayed at least half way hammered a majority of the time. Who would want to deal those View Harpies or women like them 24/7.

    1. It’s not a “WITCH HUNT” when there’s a witch.

      1. Are you sure this is spelled correctly? Should it ?itches hunting???

      2. I get it, witches having a witch hunt – lol!

  9. The audience applauded don jr big time and whoopie clapped her hands in a scolding motion and said.loadly…children. children control yourself

  10. Amazing how the socialist left lies so much they believe their own lies. Putting a real human that has integrity on this show parallels lying Schiff judging President Trump — a real farce/con job.

    The scenario today is to prop lies and deceit until people believe it.

  11. Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar are Ugly on the
    inside as well as the outside. Ethically Bankrupt Sows.

  12. Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar are Ugly on the
    inside as well as the outside. Ethically Bankrupt Sows. Goldberg and Behar are angry , ugly

  13. Whoopie Goldberg and Joy Behar are Ugly on the
    inside as well as the outside. Ethically Bankrupt Sows. Goldberg and Behar are angry , ugly
    People. Steve Janowitz must be a masochist.

  14. I have not watched that ridiculous show in years—I have better things to do with my time (anything).

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