Alert: Trumps Tears The Roof Off Kentucky Rally Look Who Was Right By His Side!

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Jim hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, President Trump held ANOTHER massive rally in Lexington, Kentucky on Monday night! Several young Trump supporters were on camera behind Trump wearing “Read the Transcript” t-shirts.

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  1. It was so refreshing to see young people wearing the “READ THE TRANSCRIPT” SHIRTS IN SUCH A MOMENTOUS SUPPORT OF OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP. Democrats are like babies all they know to do is play games in lieu of actual do what they were sent by voters to do. I am of the opinion 1 out of 5 even know what they should be doing for AMERICA. Lies, cheat, steal, childish games is not what people are in Washington to do.

    1. There is no transcript. There is an edited summery, but no full legitimate transcript of the call has been released. Trump handed out misleading T-Shirts as a publicity stunt. Trump has lied over 13,000 times since he began running, he is cheating the tax payer using his office for personal gain, life long racist Trump has engaged in corruption games his entire life. Trump’s Kentucky rally handed Kentucky to the Democrats. Wake up and snap out of it!

      1. JR. You cannot be more misguided, or more wrong. Wow. How sad you are.

        1. You are so right-the liberal left has deceived people for so long! They just don’t get it-Democrats are not out for the American people! Trump is

      2. Time to put the shine down !!!!

        Roll on, Trump ! ! , Roll on ! !

      3. What a dolt…your source? We’re waiting..,crickets. Thought so.

      4. JR, I feel sorry for you, your party lost and you still can’t get over it. Everything you accused President Trump for has been done by your demonrats.

      5. Wow, Dude what are you smoking.

      6. Read my lips check out what happened to Russia and Venezuela you want 70 percent taken out of your paycheck? You want a bigger Government than we have now? Free everything for illegals. Free student loans paid off with your money. Have strange people move into your family homes with you. Are you nuts ?

      7. did you count all those lies your self JR,all 13000
        or did you get that from the fake news? you
        know Trump has his flaws, but at least the
        country is doing good because of him, i’m a
        business owner 2007 to 2016 worst years
        ever!!! as soon as Trump took office it was
        like the Reagan years business is up 100%
        Thank you Donald Trump!!!!!! so stop your crying.

        1. Only 13,000??? Was just informed by another misguided source that it was 14,000…and as I told said source “why not 20,000 or 300,000??? These idiots are irredeemable. So as I asked the other idiot…please give us ONE…just ONE of the thousands of lies…time, date, occurrence and entire transcript…

      8. A typical liberal/democrat, makes us things with no factual backup.

      9. JR: Drop dead or grow up one of the two!

      10. Well there are many mental midgets in the united state and I think JR yu ar one of them.Even if Trump turned your water into beer or walked on water, you would still be blinded by hatred. I feel so sorry for the likes of you. Kentucky people are not stupid, they will vote for Trump because he is the right man doing the right job!

      11. Just another Trump triggered hater. So sad you can’t handle that he is not a racist or any other negative left wing slander. Better open your eyes and your closed mind. The truth hurts if you don’t start filtering in truth.

    2. It seems to me that all you “Trumpies” are living in fantasy land where he is the LIAR/CRIMINAL in Chief… deluding himself and apparently all/most of his supporters. Denying the awful things he’s done and IS doing… where does that come from? The man is a CRIMINAL as are all/most of those who support him in our government and in the general population as well.

      1. No…that Fantasy land belongs solely to the
        Left. When your “idols” are finally exposed as the corrupt wastes of space they are.
        What exactly are the awful things he is doing?
        Besides exposing the corruption and upholding the LAWS of this country?

  2. it’s good to see young people who haven’t been brainwashed by liberals and can think for themselves. trump 2020.

    1. 10,000 a day turn 18 and 92 percent hate Trump.

  3. JR has a deep hatred for Republicans in general just so happens it’s Trump. It really would not have changed if another Republican would have won. He and bus Demonrats lost the election and will most likely lose again in 2020. True Americans have see the real liars, fake news and scams that have been going on for the past 3 yrs. now. I hope and pray in 2020 our true patriots come out in force and vote to remove the swamp Demonrats in congress and other political offices. Trump has still done more good for our country than Obama, Clinton and Bush Jr. Vote for Trump and other Republicans so we can drain the disgusting Deep State Swamp.


  4. Since when is it wrong to ask other countries to investigate corruption within their borders, by Americans? The quid pro quo was Biden in Ukraine and he also pulled a something in China for his son Hunter to get more money for dope.

  5. POTUS Trump was doing what he was DULY authorized to do as per the U.S. Constitution (read it for yourself), and he was looking into A LOT of CORRUPTION by the DEMOCRAT (crime family?!?). party and others. There was NO “quid Pro Quo” . . . No benefit OR punishment to Ukraine. The Impeachment SCAM is a SHAM from DAY ONE just like all the other DEMOCRAT “schemes” used to ATTEMPT (and, of course, FAILED) to remove POTUS Trump from office. Their narratives are coming apart MID FLIGHT. Pelosi and SCHIFF are both guilty (as per the U.S. Constitution) for SEDITION and TREASON, punishable by IMPRISONMENT if convicted. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).


  6. I do have several questions.
    JR., when people refer to transcript it means listening to the phone call the person or persons wrote down word for word what was said on the phone call.
    Now, President Trump please clean up the swamp better?
    Also, can you give the seniors a raise on SS without taking almost all of it back in premiums for Medicare insurance.
    Thank you

  7. I will just say one thing. IMAGINE if “YOU” were investigated by the FBI, CIA, DOJ and then INVESTIGATED AGAIN BY A SPECIAL COUNCIL with 13 MEN who hate your guts? …. Would you still be walking the streets a FREE PERSON? (Now another Special Investigation by the Democrat Party?) …. They have checked his rear-end and guess what? IT’S CLEAN! LOL

  8. Just another left AHole listening to cnn, msnbc and the rest of screwball. Deep state to undo a legal election. the left is delusional. Obama committed so many crimes and Joe Biden and Hillary used their office to erich their family and themselves.

    1. Lots of them AHoles in this country…..but there are a lot of intelligent, smart Conservatives

  9. I just woke up its 330 am here in Wisconsin , after reading these comments yes JR is nuts , and the rest love ya I am smiling from ear to ear … we finally have a Great President whom loves this country as much as we do , I am 64 , been here a while , u could say .. blessed and honored to live here , Trump is an outsider that’s why he is the best for America .. he bleeds red, white and blue .. GO TRUMP 2020 AND BEYOND , GOD BLESS AMERICA

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