Boom! President Trump Sends Brutal Message To Pelosi She’ll Never Forget

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Cristina Laila from The Gateway Pundit reports, BOOM!… President Trump to Pelosi – White House Will Not Cooperate Until House Holds Vote on Impeachment

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  1. Pelosi has painted her self into a corner with the help of adam schiff aka LIAR of the YEAR , and TRAITOR of the CENTURY. And by doing this ,it shows how BAD they are in carrying out their jobs they were elected for to do. I hope their actions lead them to a HUGE SHAME RESIGNATION. and never to be allowed in USA POLITICS.

    1. Pelosi & Schiff need to be removed PERMANENTLY from Washington. They need to be made examples of for all the other liars and traitors masquerading as loyal Americans. This BS needs to end.

      1. I agree big time….Pelosi and Schiff should be removed from politics permanently

      2. Yes them and the inbred 4 non American little girls who are in our Congress

    2. They only care about their liberal a** selves
      They don’t care about the people they’re supposed too represent ..And as long as there are liberal voting morons things won’t get better

    3. 18 US Code 2383. Insurrection or Rebellion would not only fine and imprison them, it would also make them ineligible to hold any office in American politics.

    4. So far the democrats have done nothing good for this country. They have shamed in front of the world. They are proving they are not worthy of our votes. Instead of working with the President to better our country they have used every under handed trick to cause nothing but problems. Shameful they are! And after all their garbage they have the nerve to ask to re-elected so they can do it again or worse.

  2. Yes! They should be arrested for Treason! They think they are THE PRESIDENT and think they can do ANYTHING!
    Take them down so this can NEVER happen again to ANY President! Make examples out of all of these DEMONRATS!
    They should ALL HAVE RESPECT FOR THE POTUS! Shame on them!
    Fire all of them !


      1. Amen, Sir, and thank you for your service!

        1. All very true. First thing though is to get rid of soros money funding the idiots, press and congress. The monies should be frozen and recipients should be jailed. Democrats are being used to fuel communist/ socialist ideals but they’re too stupid and blinded by muslim immigrants who should be deported without delay. And while we’re at it, take some teeth from ACLU which is weakening our country. GO TRUMP!!


    1. Andragale Arenas it has already been proven the ones that are doing the lying are the Democrats with another paid informant. The Democrats do not learn that false information will not go over on the American People and the Democrats lies always come back to the Democrats. Follow the monies.

    2. and you need to pull your head out of your back side and actually pay attention to how good our country is doing now with president trump with wages jobs economy we have NOT NOT HAD AN ECONOMY AS STRONG AS THE ONE SINCE BACK IN THE REAGAN DAYS

    3. U need to get your FACTS STRAIGHT ! The ONLY DERANGED AND DEPLORABLE HABITUAL LIARS are the ONE’S U think their right . Please pretty please WAKE-UP out of your NIGHTMARE ! U’d find out that the REPUBLICAN PARTY is the MOST FAR & BALANCED PARTY ON EARTH !!! U can WAKE-UP NOW !!!

  4. With all the money having been wasted on the Mueller investigation and this whistleblower nonsense, our active duty and retired military could all have had a 10% pay raise which we desperately need! Think about that for amg

    1. hell they probably could have gotten a 25 % raise considering the millions & millions that were wasted on democrats b.s. just like here we go again with more of their . b .s and the 43 women that claim trump supposed to have touched them in some manner truth be know president trump has great taste in beautiful women just look @ Melannia makes me wonder how much $$$$$$$ the demrats are paying those parasites to lie

  5. These so called people have sunk so low it makes me ashamed that I was ever considered a Democrat. It is a God awful shame that there has to such hate from people so powerful.

  6. I’m on board. Arrest them give them a fair trial then hang them publicly for all to see what happens to traitors.

    1. that sounds like a great plan to me hang them from a very very high tree with a very very short rope as thats just what TRAITORS PUNISHMENT SHOULD BE

    2. Wait : Osama Obama rewarded a military traitor ! Trading 4 of his ISIS brothers for the safe return of a traitor !

    3. Firing squad for traitors. Let’s put an end to the demonrats. An their illegal crimes against our President and our people

  7. The democrats leaders and their supporters should be billed for all the money wasted on futile investigations e.g. Mueller and now this game impeachment

    1. Pelosi and Schiff need to be arrested and charged with treason and crimes against the American People.

  8. They the Democrats are trying to commit a coup of the President of the US and that is treason. Time to try them the Democrats for treason and put a stop to the waste of American taxes payers monies and get the Democrats out that refused to do the job they were voted into office to do which was to support the constitution of the US which states you will look out for the wealth fare of the American People and not foreign illegals. That you will protect our nation. That you will support the President of the US weather you like him or not.

    1. We need to start public hangings
      of these Demorats

  9. …….follow THERI OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNTs and find out that their ILL GOT MILLIONs come from pedophile, Satanist JACOB ROTHSCHILD…………who basically has BOUGHT CONGRESS and the majority of the US GOVERNMENT and has controlled it all since 1902!!!!!!!!!!… long as this murdering, degenerate from hell is allowed to buy the government AMERICA will only continue its decline into obscurity………

  10. why arent these traitors but on trial for it because they have to much money?

  11. Next the Democrats will be pushing Hanoi Jane to run for office, communist turds!!!

  12. The democRats, CIA and FBI have turn into a Washington DC orginize crime family. Let’s not for get the governors and mayor of states that are violating their citizens second amendment rights with deadly force by their storm troopers.

  13. I want to be unscribed from this email- the Patriot Source. I don’t know how I got on the mailing list.

  14. There is no excuse for going after Trump the way they are. They are still grasping at straws and wasting time that should be devoted to actually doing the countries business. On second thought, maybe it is good that they are wasting all their time on this?

  15. I love Trump policies on Israel, but I hate him because he reduced the America respect in the world by betraying the Kurdish, No country or person or person can trust America again , for what must America be trusted

  16. Nutsy will BEVER bring it to the House floor for a Vote. That would create two records she cannot hide from. See a House Floor vote is a public record and the other is the CSPAN Video record. See she cannot hide from these and everyone who votes for Impeachment will become Targets in the 2020 Elections and then the Democraps will lose far more than the White House they will lose everything for years to come.

  17. Nancy needs to simply RETIRE . . . She’s “not all there”, just like all the OTHER Democrats. She lost control of them and politically they’re all going over a cliff. They’ll lose the 2020 elections. Of course, they may TRY to STEAL it, but we’re ON to them. But, “KEEP your eyes open” and don’t let your guard down! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (KEEP America Great Again).

  18. It is about time. No official in any. Type of authority has the right to act like the way Pelosi did.She has no right to hold her job I. Washingtonn.Her behavior brought hate and shame to our shameful and disgusting her behavior. Hateful. fire her and charge her with Treason along. With her sidekick.

  19. Let’s all kick them out from the office that they are in , they’re suppose to do what they are elected for by the people that voted for them, all of them are corrupt and made all themselves rich .
    Adam shiff and Pelosi needs to make California not the homeless state, instead of impeaching our president help him to fix the problems that they created the open boarder .Protect the citizens in your backyard before the illegals.i came here legally and I worked hard so that I can have my American dreams . I will be forever thankful for the
    United States Of America for giving me the chance to fulfilled my dreams.
    I’m thankful for President Trump for protecting our country and Make America Great Again!

  20. Nancy Pollution will be 80 on March 26, maybe she’ll do us all a favor and croak on her birthday! How much more of her and the rest of the demonRATS BS do we have to endure? Trump will win re-election by a landslide!

  21. If only they WOULD do the jobs they were elected to do. All they do is bash Trump,

  22. If only they WOULD do the jobs they were elected to do. All they do is bash Trump because he won’t play ball.

  23. All the Dems should be ashamed for even attempting to impeach our president and they should resign , they don’t do anything but take up space and oxygen.10/10/2019

  24. all these replies are full of hate and ideas as to what should be done with these politicians but I think we all know the only thing we as citizens of this great country of ours is the ballet box and I hope and pray we will all be at our voting places bright and early. Show the officials that should be out of their elected positions they can be removed by their “employers”. See you at the polls!!!

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