Elderly Woman Harrassed By Sick Antifa Speaks Out

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Amanda Prestagiacomo from The Daily Wire reports, Over the weekend, an elderly couple was harassed and blocked from crossing the street by far-left Antifa protestors outside a college in Canada.

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  1. These ANTIFA idiots need to be identified, their identity revealed on the media, prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law. If our governments don’t take immediate action there could be injuries to the public, there is NO concern for ANTIFA masked punks.

  2. George Soros was a Nazi Collaborator during WWII and worked with the NAZIS in Hungry as they rounded up over 440,000 Jews that were sent to the Concentration Camp to be exterminated. George Soros the same man who finds Antifa.

    1. The same idiot who FUNDS Antifa.

  3. If the government won’t enforce our laws, then the responsibility falls to us – the people -and our ‘well-regulated’, well armed, civilian militias. Antifact is a domestic terrorist group – armed and dangerous – and so so cowardly as to pick on little old ladies. They must be taken into custody and tried in a court of law. The Democrat Mayor and Democrat Chief of Police in Portland, OR should be totally ashamed of themselves for failing to act. We the people certainly are.

  4. Love the reports. Gary Franchi is just plain annoying.I always scroll right past the first 1/4 of the video

  5. Notice how they never pick on big husky dudes.

  6. I wish George Sorus could be kicked out of the country. His main goal is to destroy America. He shouldn’t even have a home here if he hates it so much.

  7. George Soros’ evil also extends to the violent protesters in Hong Kong. These jackanapes have hijacked the peaceful protest movement and unleashed a reign of terror on the residents of this once peaceful and safe city. Soros’ money is financing much of the equipment used to terrorize Hong Kong.

  8. Free speech is a right. Blocking a senior in a crosswalk is not a right. She tried to move on and they kept blocking her progress. That should be a crime as surely as hitting someone from behind and in the antifa groups it is harmful. Where are the laws on this? Even in the US or Canada those actions should be punishable! Arrest them and punish them. Make wearing a mask and auto arrest in public. Someone needs to stop these Brown Shirts of Soros!


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