Is This Woman Trolling AOC?

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Daily Wire YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Ben Shapiro reacts to a clip of an AOC townhall where a woman begins shouting to, “Eat the babies.”

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  1. Of course, Pelosi is crooked. She and her husband are worth over $100million. She could put some of that back in the coffers of her party or give away to the people in her district for renewing the district.

  2. No she is a typical supporter of AOC

    1. The woman was a plant.Aoc handled it.But I blame for her global warming which 500 scientists debunk,she is responsible for that 16 year old girl being scared to death,AOC and the girls parents equally.How many more people will be frightened about fake global warming?Warming and cooling warnings go around about every 15 years.

  3. In my 90 plus years of my life I have never saw a more unlawful Democrat party. They are full of hate for AMERICA… Trump has done well in his time in office. Obama put us 21 Trillion $ in debt. Plus many other thing contrary to our Constitution. More racist. Muslims , which he is one as he admitted. Covered up everything he could. Many more to mention…

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