Alert: Kamala Harris Makes Huge Mistake, Turns Back And Instantly Begs For Forgiveness

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Kristinn Taylor from The Gateway Pundit reports, Democratic Party presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) at a campaign stop in New Hampshire Friday laughed in agreement while saying, “Well said…well said” to a supporter who called President Trump “mentally retarded”.

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  1. She proves she is hard of hearing and hard of thinking! She is an absolute disgrace to the Democratic Party. Every registered Democrat I know absolutely hates her! She is a reparation and former slave owner ancestry family highly entitled person who is obviously above the law, and her role as a Prosecutor and California State Attorney General is disgusting! The Dems better part Company with her before they queer their chances of getting Trump out of office.

  2. Such a sad individual. She is as clueless as her comrades.

  3. She is just like warren and clinton. Liats all and all they want is all our money and power. None of the rats cate about the little people. They only care about their hate filled selves.

  4. NO LADY – your record speaks for itself and sucks to high heaven….
    The Dems are begging for a civil war and I say be careful of what you wish for……
    Sorry Folks but ya’ll need to prepare because they have violated their oath of office…They are constantly abusing power and have failed to honor their commitment to the people….
    OVERPOPULATION is the real climate danger…….Too many a**holes out there sucking up the resources for others….

  5. …and where is she from? Right, California, shocker!! Proves she does not think before she speaks and she wants to be the leader of this country. ..? Not a chance!

  6. Kameltoe’ legs in the air harris is toast.She wont make the october debates.Her Well said comment is flying round the U.S and people are not happy with this hipocrite .So long and good riddance.

  7. If this is the best the Demagogues have….bring them
    on! Stupidity is as stupidity does. You can’t make
    dumb smart….etc.etc. Remember they get to keep
    their campaign money….what a deal! She’ll show
    the world her stupidity tonight and the world rejoices!

  8. she and the rest of the demo’s say the same thing all bad . she heard what the man said she laugh with everyone else . everyone on her stage are the same , there all for them selves and to screw the rest of us over .
    once a socialist always a SOCIALIST !

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