LOL: CNN Embarrassed Itself Once Again

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Daily Wire YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

CNN conjures up a new Trump “scandal” but fails epically in the process.

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  1. CNN = Crappy News Network!

  2. CNN is a laughing stock of news media.

  3. There is absolutely no valid excuse for the
    Confused News Network, to continue to make these egregious mistakes with little to no responsibility for their actions. Their lack of ethical, professional, honest reporting, and no attempt made to verify the information they were about to transmit to the public as factual, is reprehensible. A once highly respected Real News Network, has truly lost all credibility… sunk to the bottom of the barrel and became the political mouthpiece of the Now Radical-Socialist-Democratic Party. Now, day after day all we get from CNN is news we cannot trust, and that’s very disappointing.

  4. There should be some way to sanction the fake news networks through the courts. American citizens have a right to expect truth in reporting the news.

  5. CNN—-CERTIFIED NUTS NEWS!!! Motto: Never met a lie about President Trump we did not like!!!! Need we say anymore?????????

  6. Man – whatta bunch of morons….
    The Dems are begging for a civil war and I say be careful of what you wish for……
    Sorry Folks but ya’ll need to prepare because they have violated their oath of office…They are constantly abusing power and have failed to honor their commitment to the people….
    OVERPOPULATION is the real climate danger…….Too many a**holes out there sucking up the resources for others….

  7. cnn sucks and should be shut down

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