5 Men Got Huge Reality Check After Trying To Rob ‘Defenseless’ Girl

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

100% Fed Up reports, The great equalizer…Nothing says, “I won’t be a defenseless sitting pigeon,” like a gun. ABC 13 reports – A woman shot and wounded a suspected robber who reached for her purse, police say.

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  1. the DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO BE AFTER OUR GUNS. protect America from the Democrats. VOTE FOR TRUMP 2020

  2. Great for this girl.God bless you

  3. Go President Trump ,We keep our Guns,The corrpted gov. Of Oba.have done this and the Demorats…2020Trump,or we cease to exist…

  4. GO PRESIDENT TRUMP 2020…SAVE REAL AMERICANS from this Swamp..Thank you.

  5. Self-defense is a God-given right, enumerated in the Second Amendment. We should never let that right be eroded or compromised by anyone, ever!

  6. She should have gotten them all good for her

  7. I am armed everywhere I go. I have a Carry Permit! There are so many Crackpots out there now with no regard for Human Life, just look at Our Congress and Senate Members! Yep a Person really needs a Weapon this day and age!!!

  8. It has become imperative for the honest public to defend themselves. The bad guys are ever ready to pick on a defenseless person and law enforcement can’t possibly be everywhere These politicians who would take away the public’s defense have protection and most of them carry a weapon themselves. You can bet they will make it lawful for them to carry their weapons even though they would take away from the public.

  9. Democrats are not after your guns!!! common sense says individuals do not need AK-47 and the like.

    1. Pull your head out of the sand! Democrats are indeed after all guns, to totally disarm the innocent public, which would make a big plump target for criminals. What planet are you from..?

  10. Good for You, Honey, keep on packing. Gog bless you.

  11. Many thanks to this girl for showing these cretins who’s boss.

  12. Solution to reducing crimes committed by crazies with guns: 1) armed off duty police officers to protect schools and malls, 2) make it illegal to designate “gun free zones” – that just make an inviting target for criminals, 3) encourage all veterans to carry concealed weapons by streamlining the process and reduce the wait, and 4) encourage ordinary citizens to apply for a CCW license. Innocent law abiding citizens need MORE guns to insure their protection, NOT FEWER. The less able the population is to defend themselves, the more shooting crimes will happen.

  13. Having all vets carrying weapons – many are
    suffering from medical & mental issues like
    PTSD & could end up being dangerous.

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