AOC Just Pissed Off Every Middle American Voter With Sick Joke

The following video is brought to you courtesy of The Next News Network YouTube Channel. Click the play button to watch it now.

Hannah Bleau from Breitbart reports, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) openly mocked the Electoral College, and as a consequence, Middle America’s voice, in an Instagram video posted Monday.

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  1. AOC needs to be intercoursed to death by ducks.

      1. Why don’t they get rid of the so called squad? They were elected by the people in the problem areas. They have no knowledge of what they should be doing in the house. Why do people with experience and knowledge have to put up with such stupidity?


    2. None-ya,
      While you have the right to say foolish things you make a fool of yourself in doing so. I expect better of you. Please, step up. You are clever and wiser than the statement you made… Believe in yourself, this nation needs you.

  2. When will this woman learn?Her role is life I think is to destroy the left

    1. She will never learn. She is anti-edication.

  3. Cortez does not live in the real world.

  4. I have seen bricks more intelligent then this bimbo .

    1. Absolutely right. She exhibits the natural IQ and intelligence of a stick, just not as smart. She desperately needs to be recalled and re-educated.

      1. If brains were cotton she couldn’t make a tampon for a mosquito

        1. GREAT ANALOGY! Can’t figure out WHY she & the other cretins are still in office; they’ve scammed us out of enough money

        2. In my opinion, she is a good argument for abortion

          1. This horrible JOKE is on her .. SHE is a WORTHLESS

  5. Please New York…I’m begging the voters to get rid of this idiot after one term…she’s a disgrace to our country

    1. Not a problem. She cost Andy Cuomo 25,000 Amazon jobs. A feather in his cap. He will see to it that she does not survive a primary. The seat will remain Dem. but not with her in it.

      1. Seriously you think the seat will remain Dem? Let’s all of us start calling an ace an ace these people are Socialist/Communist make no mistake about it.

        1. The problem with telling these voters who they are electing is like trying to describe an Elephant to a child who has never seen one.

      2. Why do you think it will remain democrat?I believe it will be a republican who will hold that seat

  6. Nothing short of a stupid racist deplorable communist bi h

  7. This lefty is uneducated. When the democrat won the presidency, there were no growling, howling or screaming. Now that the electoral college did not work with them, they appear to be more than a mad dog or very hungry tiger doing everything they can to trash the electoral college concept. They need to be send back to school to take political science & study the constitution. Now AOC is a r congresswoman, all she need to do is to bring a bill to congress to revise the law.

    When will these democraps ever learn…

  8. She needs to be removed. She’s a disgrace She hasn’t had any a good thing to say about America and the citizens since she’s been in office. If she’s that dissatisfied why stay around. Her campaign was all lies and so is she

    1. That is because she is Muslim…They want to take over and make Sharia law rule.

      1. AOC is an ignorant female blowhard sense at all.

    2. Not only is she showing her absolute stupidity she & her boyfriend are fraudulently working the system so she becomes a millionaire on our dollars just as they all have.

  9. Everytime AOC opens her mouth she proves how little she actually knows. What does she really do other than draw attention to herself? I hope she never does really meet a real racist or white supremacist face to face. She might just find out who and what they are really capable of. Little girl, it is time to take your dolls and go home because you can’t play with the big dogs.

    1. She doesn’t own one pair of big-girl panties.

  10. AOC doesn’t know how to joke. To her this is completely serious. Goes to show just how few brain cells she has and only about half of them (that makes one) is working.

  11. How can I cc (share) this video to others who need to see it? I am amazed that no one from the Democrats has shut her up yet. Actually, it’s probably good that they don’t.

  12. She should be run out of town on a rail!

    1. They need to be sent back to the sandbox to find out how great they really had it while they lived in this country. It is apparent that they hold this country in derision and would gladly see it destroyed. Every one of their actions seems directed toward finding some way to get rid of President Trump, even if that would mean severe depression and/or a 2nd Civil War.

  13. So Cortez is what top college education produces now days, Sad!

    1. I loved how you called her Cortez!

  14. AOC is absolutely correct! One person, one vote, it doesn’t matter where you live.

    1. Anyone that can agree with AOC isn’t mentally equipped to have the purpose of the Electoral College explained to them. On a side note if these left leaning looney liberal SOCIALIST had won because of the Electoral College these cuckoo birds would be chirping a different tune. Keeping America Great TRUMP in 2020.

  15. AOC is quite right in wanting to disband the Electoral College. We can historically why it was necessary 240 years ago but not now. Ask yourself ” starting from scratch now, would you have the Electoral College? What function does it actually serve?”
    With modern communications, Russia permitting, we can have a in a few hours the result of an election. Care must be given to not publish the results of an election on the east coast before the polls on the west coast close.
    We will then have an election result that reflects the will of a majority of the people.

    1. Chowderhead. “Democracy” = mob rule. Exactly what the left wants. Vive Le Republique!

    2. So you would also dissolve the senate which was structured to ensure equality of government for all states of the union as was the electoral college. The founding fathers of the United States constitution wanted to establish the best ever system of government to give and equal voice to each state of the union and individuals in the governance of the nation. Contrast that system with a monarchy system which exists in Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc. and you will see inequality in the power that each province and territory has in those countries. Basically, in those countries, if a political party wins a majority government it can rule the country as if it were a dictatorship. The US system of government with the Electoral College and with an equal number of senators for each state maintains the equal status and voice of all Americans regardless of where they live in their country.


  17. one person one vote .. that is how california and new york would be electing our future presidents .. and that would be the end of America as we know it

  18. AOC=Barmaid whore. open your legs to get a job.

  19. No, a few Democratic states should not be responsible
    for the entire country. Most Democrats do not want to hear other people’s ideas…that also live in the same country.
    AOC needs to get out in the country. Find out what people think. We are farmers, ranchers, land that support people.
    AOC is not qualified to be in leadership roles. She needs more education. New York isn’t all there is in this fine country.

  20. Krimany sakes alive! What’s it going to take to get across this woman’s head that the more she and every other DemoRat says is going to destroy the Democrat Party. The more they attack our chosen President, the more their going to hand him a second term.

  21. And this dingbat holds a college education! Probably on the taxpayers dime.

  22. Everything she says & does is revolting to every Patriotic American.

    1. You are so right with your comment!!! What comes out of her mouth is nothing but crap and more crap no matter what she is trying to put across. That is going to be her “ticket” getting voted out of office as there are other smarter, more responsible people wanting to run against her!!! I hope the voters will wake up this time and be responsible in the person they want to represent them in the right way.

  23. Dumber than a box of Baracks!

  24. AOC is the type of person that is needed for the future of America. Gp AOC.

    1. That would be the end of America and you with it .

  25. I think a “BOX OF ROCKS” is smarter and MORE SUITED to be a Congress Woman. I think the longer she stays in Congress, the better a Republican looks during the 2020 elections. Let’s hope so . . . Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  26. don’t know what the sick joke was but Trump has pissed off the rest of America by being a sick joke on y’all

    1. Joke is on you ! Y`all

  27. This Proves Everything In American , AOC is Wasting Every Americans Tax Dollars making Videos that a Child could have made a Video that would have Totally Aamazing Compared to AOC , It’s a Disgrace to All Americans that She was even Voted into Office as a Congress Member this Proves the Democrat Party doesnt Care About Any American Citizen they only Want your Vote

  28. The more AOC opens her mouth the further down sticks her foot in it. The laughable part of this is that she believes that her smartness and intelligence goes beyond any of her colleagues and her competitors. How sad for her.

  29. I really do not care that she is so freaking ignorant. That seems to be the norm for so many these days. However, this snot nosed little BRAT was raised with no manners, no morals, no integrity and NO RESPECT. Her parents did a lousy job raising this spoiled little brat and should be ashamed of what this child woman has become and should be ashamed of themselves for raising such a disrespectful snot nosed BRAT!!

  30. When you look up the word stupid in the dictionary this boneheads face is right beside it what a moron she is.

  31. A.O.C. doesn’t have enough brains
    to joke if her brains were C-4 she
    would not have enough to blow
    her nose..

  32. A.C. wants to enslave every acre, mile, and person not part of a big city. It is The People which must declare their independence from the ignorance.

  33. Perhaps Ms. OC needs to reside in a country that is more to her liking.

  34. talk about a pavlovian response. mention AOC and everyone starts salivating. True American- why do you say she spent tax dollars for the video? i doubt it. Do you think she actually took it? Can’t one acknowledge that there may be some valid points to some change in the electoral college system? it was not that long ago that there was consensus among voters for some change. our parties often shift positions. Republicans have clearly become very comfortable with creating tremendous deficits. i have no doubt that when a Democrat wins the presidency while losing the total vote that Republicans will suddenly change the position on the electoral college.

    1. why didn’t you speak up when Obama tripled the national debt in six months during his first term?


  36. News outfits, need to quit giving the ignorant little twit a platform.

  37. She is pissed at the electoral college because she thinks her grades would keep her from getting accepted in that college!

  38. It is clear to me that you are being guided in your actions to follow the Alinsky Model for a Revolution. Could it be you are advised and financed by a previous resident of the White House and his wife who are disciples of the Alinsky Model. Alinsky was a community organizer as this previous resident of the White House proudly boasts. Efforts to dramatically change America will go up in smoke. STOP the hatred and divisive tactics.

  39. AOC makes me ill for what I originally thought growing up in these Great American Country of ours. Cannot wait for her to be voted out of her office position.

  40. Occasional Cortex is only a factor in anything because the media realizes we’re actually paying attention to this imbecile. The only real power she has is that she’s controversial. Once we stop giving her the attention she appears to crave., she might recede from the daily doses of “Notice Me!” proposals. Like most lefties, she loves that she’s being talked about-whether or not it’ In a negative way makes little difference to liberals. Just ignore her and she’ll hopefully go away!! Liberals seem to thrive on being despised by patriotic Americans!

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