Warren Draws Impressive Crowd, Then She Saw Trump’s Crowd And Cried! Bye Pocahontas!

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Jim Hoft from The Gateway Pundit reports, Pocahontas Warren drew an impressive crowd at MacAlester College in St. Paul, Minnesota on Monday night. The far left politician and fake Indian promised free tuition for college students as part of her plan to bankrupt America.

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  1. Pochontas lived years ago.

    1. Elizabeth Warren is a living lying freak!

  2. Fauxcahontas lied about her American Indian-Cherokee heritage and used the lies to gain entry through set aside admissions programs for American Indians. Like all leftist Democrats she is really good at spending others money. In fact, she thinks she knows better how to spend our money than we who earned it.

    1. And yet Lizzie Warren has the nerve to call Trump a liar. Vn

    2. I agree..plus now that she has admitted it was a lie..I believe she should pay back all the money she took on false pretenses ex: college etc.

  3. I guess 700 supporters IS a huge crowd for s liberal.

    1. I wonder how much they were paid to show up?

    2. I would say there was more like 150 supporters. They want to know how dump can these university politicians get.

  4. I like the late Margaret Thatcher’s comment:
    “Socialism works fine until you run out of other peoples’

  5. Pocahontas needs to go ! There is nothing for free! People need to realize …someone’s got to pay for it. The people that vote for socialism don’t realize they will still pay for it out of their pocket .They will just pay higher taxes and have less money in on their paycheck..Wake up socialist ! Don’t be dumb !

  6. At least Warren’s crowd is there willingly.

    1. No one for either Party stands in those lines unless they want to. Grow up! Do you want to live the life of a Socialist?

  7. Pocahontas and Pinocchio all wrapped up in one.

  8. CNN head line: Warren crowd so large she is emotionally overcome.

  9. I love to watch Pocahantas flail her hands as she speaks, just like Bernie Sanders and Adolph Hitler.
    Her Free Lunch Programs are the most promised by any candidate. I wonder if she ever held a job in the private sector or owned a business?

  10. What a mess theses people are. Trump is abrasive but he is a good businessman. Warner is another airhead like Nancy Pelosi, clapping at the President with no respect.. Hollywood liberals have ruined California, I hope that we get another Ross Perot type, smart and for this country, a real man !

  11. The ONLY things Warren can ‘draw’ are flies!!

  12. Meanwhile, she is raking in more money to add to her millions! Lying deceitful disgusting con!

  13. The DemocRats Are just lying thru their teeth; no one gets anything for free, the working stiffs that actually pay taxes will have to pay for it all. The costs will bankrupt the entire country in just months; even with raising tax’s to the very extreme. No one will have any money and will be on the very edge of starvation, the grocery shelves will be stripped and empty, in a matter of just a few months; but thats ok, no one will be able to buy anything anyway; thanks to the
    idiots and their socialist dream!

  14. As soon as the socialist take over the jobs will, disappear, grocery shelves will empty, money will be confiscated, crime will increase, look back to 1970’s Russia, Venisuala, any Socialist country and see just how well they are doing!

  15. It’s a shame that the university she graduated from for her law degree doesn’t pull her degrees. She lied on her application that she was a Cherokee. If anyone lied in a job application and it was found out, they’d be fired. She should lose her law licenses unless they were licenses to lie

  16. The Fake Indian, Prevaricating pundit and career parasite Elizabeth Warren belongs in PRISON! There is little if ANY difference between her lying about her nearly non-existent American Indian Heritage to get a Harvard Law degree which she FRAUDULENTLY got at the expense of a qualified TRUE American Indian; perhaps even a member of the Cherokee tribe whose Tribal council she REFUSED to meet with over the issue originally but cannot stop from falling all over herself making meaningless mea culpas ever since, and the college scandal perps being prosecuted for it! Why is SHE not being held as responsible and accountable as them, especially as she is a Senator and they are NOT! Why? Because she wants to be a bigger fraud and a Marxist/Socialist/ New World Order U.N. Agenda 21 Deep State Obamanite moron; hostile to our Constitution and Rule of Law and thus, every REAL AMERICAN CITIZEN: the ONLY constituency she and her cohorts in crime and corruption, sedition and worse under the definitions in Chapter 18 of the U.S. Code! Had we a TRULY equitably exercised DOJ, She and her party would likely be in prison on a variety of charges of varying degrees of severity. The penalties for which if found guilty are also in that Chapter. She and the rest of these Demorat dolts should heed Margaret Thatcher’s quote on Socialism: that,” it is a fine thing until you run out of other people’s money.” TRUER WORDS WERE NEVER SPOKEN AND THE PROOF LIES IN THE $22 TRILLION DEBT ACCRUED BY OBAMA AND THE PROGRESSIVES NEARLY TRIPLED FROM HIS 2008 ELECTION TO THE PRESENT! I am a 74 year old Vietnam veteran with a 52 year old degree in GOVERNMENT he had when he served in Vietnam in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade at the height of the 1968 Tet Offensive, followed by 2 years on staff at the former Walter Reed Army Medical Center in D.C. on Georgia Ave. N.W.! The place was a swamp then: IT IS 1,000 TIMES WORSE NOW AND BECAUSE OF DEMORAT DEGENERACY AND PARASITISM, lack of competency and a welfare mentality of tax and spend stupidity which will only add to the debt and deny PAID benefits to American Seniors PAID for all their lives in SS and Medicare. BOTH of which they are threatening to cut while looking to include Illegals who NEVER contributed a sou to either program! What we need is a 2nd American Revolution to restore the Constitutional Republic and Rule of Equitably exercised LAW; one where laws are ENFORCED and NOT ignored to fit a twisted political agenda as IS THE CASE, with everything the Progressives do . EVERY GOAL OF THEIR PARTY AGENDAS IS ALL ABOUT TOTAL CONTROL OF EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE! F YOU LET THEM SUCCEED, YOU AND YOUR PROGENY AND THEIRS WILL REGRET IT FOREVER!

  17. The wantabe Democomunist want socialism so they can have full control over the entire population and run the country as their warped minds see fit. to hell with the people and the bill of rights, make al the working people bow to their warped agenda. Also make the congress the complete dominating power who makes all the rules!

  18. Where do these people come from? Anyone with any sense, can see through her ridiculous spiel. These people talk, talk and more talk. They’ll say anything to win the election and then if they win ,they do the exact opposite. Gruess Gott

  19. If there is such a thing as WHITE PRIVILEGE, then why did Warren sign up as an Indian ???

  20. We cannot rely on crowds to draw opinions. The reason I say this is there are twenty democrats trying to get to the front. So the presidents crowd draw should be much larger than any of them. However once they have a candidate all those who have attended before will combine and those crowds will get much larger. And that is why it is so very important that supporters of the president make their presence known.

  21. Yes lizzy drew an impressive crowd of 2 today far more than she expected!!! Both brothers were there

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